Classic Video Games #2: Resident Evil 2

For video game retrospective 2, we have a sequel to everyones favorite zombie shooter
April 11, 2013
heres what i have for classic video games #2
its a classic horror from my favorite series of zombie games

thats right
i bet people in the 90s were frightened of all the zombies, monsters, tyrants, and other kinds of violence this game offers
this was released on playstation, nintendo 64, PC, dreamcast, and gamecube
in fact, the playstation version of the game comes in two discs for some reason, each containing leon and claires campaigns separately
the gamecube version can hold both campaigns on one disc, so why not the playstation version?

resident evil 2 was all about a huge zombie infestation in a town known as "raccoon city"
and these two armed heroes named leon kennedy and claire redfield needed to stop all the disasters

though i tell you, claire sure wasn't prepared for all the horror at first untill leon dropped in and handed her a gun
claires original mission was to search for her brother, chris, but that came to a hold when the entire raccoon city disaster occurred

if you played this game in the 90s and it was your first time, i don't blame you for being nervous about what comes up next if you were

i mean believe me, there were zombies all over raccoon city, whether you're in the police station or outside in the streets, its all the same

so apparently one goal of RE2 was to get all the zombies out of the way to figure out what else goes down

and of course there's also deadly lickers that never stop attempting to lick you to death
they can't see you, but they can still get you if you're not quiet

just look how violent they are

now there 're two different campaigns in RE2; "A" and "B"
you get to choose to play as leon or claire for either of them
and because of that, you get to see two different intros
leons is this

and claires is this

each campaign involves fighting certain different monsters and having to save different survivors

usually the bleeding cops never survive

they eventually become zombies and you have no choice but to neutrilize 'em

leon comes across a woman spy named ada wong whos on a mission to find her boyfriend, and retreive the all-powerful G-virus

she firsts visits a prisoner named ben bertolucci, hoping he has information regarding the zombie crisis in raccoon city

and of course he dies later on like every other useless survivor

after leon realizes adas first objective to find her boyfriend, he needed to keep a close eye on her and help her with the mission (but the boyfriend was already dead)

however, adas safety doesn't end well after she first encountered a woman scientist named annette birkin who wanted to stop her from obtaining the G-virus, and save her daughter from her mutated husband, william

she even left a sample of the G-virus in her daughters pendant, and ada obtains it in campaign B
thats where annette got her grudge against ada and started to hunt her and leon down

and towards the end of campaign A, leon loses ada after obtaining the G-virus himself
he lets go of ada, and indeed turns heartbroken for her tragic and sad death

in campaign B, leon encounters a monster in a trench coat from "umbrella" known as "mr X" whos also after the G-virus

ada dies from mr X instead of leon dropping her
that death is where leon and ada kissed for the first time, and it ends up more sad than in the "A" campaign
just watch

and one more thing, you really don't want to be smashed by mr X like it shows here

now as for claires campaigns, she comes across a little girl named sherry birkin

shes the daughter of annette who carries the "G" sample in her pendant, and mustn't let her father, willaim or mr X get their hands on it

speaking of willaim, he was a normal scientist who created the G-virus, and later injects it into his own body after receiving multiple bullet wounds from an umbrella agent known as hunk
willaim turns into a monster that evolves into various different forms

and this video here shows the whole story of williams transformation
(i declare that cutscene to be the best in the whole game)
also in claires campaign, she meets chief brian irons

here you can see he has the mayors dead daughter with him
if you played the game, he explains that he was told to watch the girl, but failed miserably
he even planned to either plant a bullet into her brain or decapitate her completely (i voted for decapitation)
as for irons' death in the "A" campaign, a parasite splits right out of his body which sliced him up greatly
this video shows it

and in the "B" campaign, mutated william grabs irons and chops him in half
then he ends up popping back out at claire with only his bleeding sliced upper half revealed (i don't think you want to see that one)

during the rest of claires campaign, she must protect sherry at all costs untill them and leon can escape raccoon city and all its abominations

and if you get sherry killed, you're the worst babysitter ever

in claires "A" campaign, william finds sherry and plants a parasite in her body which gave her a serious concussion

thats where claire had to explore umbrellas secret lab and formulate a vaccine to cure sherry

along the way of both leons and claires campaigns, they keep encountering william and his various forms like it shows here

a lot of enemies in resident evil games never stop coming

leon and claire eventually enter a big sewer thats too full of monsters and such
like the spiders

and the dreaded crocodile

and much later, they enter umbrellas secret lab
leon explores to find something to aid ada, and claire explores for sherrys vaccine

and one sad moment during claires exploration is annettes death
(its more sad in the "B" scenario)

towards the end of the game in the "A" scenario, you encounter williams final transformation

and you really need to send him to hell for good before the big ka-boom

towards the end of the game in the "B" scenario, you encounter mr X and his nasty transformation

this happens after you make him fall into a big tub of lava
so thats where you have to fight him and make sure he stays dead permanently
and after delivering enough bruises to him, you receive a rocket launcher from ada who survived somehow
and with the launcher, its completely game over for mr X

and trust me, you really don't want him to wreck your day like it shows here

shortly after defeating mr X and making it to a train that escapes the lab, you encounter the true final boss, williams final transformation

(you don't encounter his last form in the "A" scenario)

and sending william to hell for good gives you a good ending and the best music in the whole game

(that song doesn't play in the "A" scenario)
so i guess people like playing the "B" scenario better because of all that stuff
i know i do

so thats pretty much everything that happens in resident evil 2
its a great classic horror game for all you zombie-shooter fans out there

i hope you liked this game too in the 90s, and hope it didn't give you nightmares either
i even really liked that sherry came back in resident evil 6 as a grown woman whos much braver and capable of handling weapons
its a shame though she became an orphan after RE2
other than that, the second resident evil game is really good once again
thats the conclusion to classic video games #2
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