Ever After
Release: January 01, 1998
Release: January 01, 1998

Ever After (known in promotional material as Ever After: A Cinderella Story) is a 1998 American romantic drama film inspired by the fairy tale Cinderella. It was directed by Andy Tennant and stars Drew Barrymore, Anjelica Huston, Dougray Scott, and Jeanne Moreau. The screenplay is written by Tennant, Susannah Grant, and Rick Parks. The original music score is composed by George Fenton. The film's closing theme song, "Put Your Arms Around Me", is performed by the rock band Texas. The usual pantomime and comic/supernatural elements of the Cinderella tale are removed and the story is instead treated as historical fiction, set in Renaissance-era France. It is often seen as a modern, post-feminist interpretation of the Cinderella story.

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