My Bloody Valentine
Release: January 01, 1981
Release: January 01, 1981

Twenty years ago, in the small town of Valentine Bluffs, an explosion took the lives of a group of coal miners down in the Hanniger Mine. However, one miner, named Harry Warden survived the blast and was send to a mental hospital. The following year, he returned to town and killed the two supervisors responsible leaving an eerie warning never to hold another Valentine's Day dance. Now, despite Harry's threat, a group of young people plan another dance. But when a blood-soaked heart shaped box arrives to the police chief, he promptly cancels the dance. In it's place, a party is the coal mine, but it doesn't take long for Harry Warden, armed with his pickax, to put a stop to the fun. Before the night is over, someone's bound to lose their heart. Who will survive? Shot in Nova Scotia and remade in 3-D in 2009. Directed by George Mihalka.

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