National Lampoon's Animal House
Release: July 28, 1978
Release: July 28, 1978

This is one of those movies that works for all the wrong reasons--disgusting, lowbrow, base humor that we are all far too sophisticated to find amusing. So, just don't tell anyone you still think it's a riot to watch John Belushi as the brutish Bluto slurp Jell-O or terrorize his less-aggressive fellow students. This crude parody of college life in the '60s spawned many imitations, but none could match the fresh-faced talent or bad taste of this huge box office success. (Remember all those toga parties in the '80s?) The first of the National Lampoon movies, this was originally released as National Lampoon's Animal House. Keep an eye out for a very young Kevin Bacon in his first credited screen appearance.

Dean Wormer: "Mr. Blutoski.... ZERO! POINT! ZERO!"
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Dean Wormer: "Put a sock in it boy or else you're out of here like shit through a goose!"
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Folk Singer: "I gave my love a chicken that had no bone..."
Bluto: "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"
Otter: "Germans?"
Boon: "Forget it. He's rolling."
Folk Singer: "I gave... (Bluto takes his guitar and smashes it against the wall)"
Bluto: "Sorry!"
Folk Singer: "I gave my love a story that had no end..."
Folk Singer: "I gave my love a cherry that had no stone..."
Dean Wormer: "Greg, what is the worst fraternity on this campus?"
Greg: "Well that would be hard to say, sir. They're each outstanding in their own way."
Dean Wormer: "Cut the horseshit, son. I've got their disciplinary files right here. Who dropped a whole truckload of fizzies into the swim meet? Who delivered the medical school cadavers to the alumni dinner? Every Halloween, the trees are filled with underwear. Every spring, the toilets explode."
Greg: "You're talking about Delta, sir."
Dean Wormer: "Of course I'm talking about Delta, you TWERP!"
Flounder: "I can't believe I threw up in front of Dean Wormer."
Boon: "Face it, Kent. You threw up *on* Dean Wormer."
Flounder: "You guys playing cards?"
Bluto: "Holy s***!"
D-Day: "There were blanks in that gun!"
Flounder: "I didn't even point the gun at him!"
Bluto: "Holy s***!"
D-Day: "There WERE blanks in that gun!"
Flounder: "Maybe he had a heart-attack..."
Bluto: "HOLY S***!!!"
Neidermeyer: "Is that a PLEDGE PIN ON YOUR UNIFORM!!! -Neidermeyer"
Pinto: "Boone, we're the only white people here. -Pinto"
Ottis Day: "They put the oooommmm mou mou, oh oh oh oh...back in to my smile -Ottis Day"
Pinto/Bluto: "Bluto--"From now on your Delta Tau Kai name is.........Pinto!" Pinto--"Why Pinto?" Bluto--"BELCH.....WHY NOT!" -Pinto/Bluto"
Neidermeyer: "You're all worthless and weak! Now drop and give me twenty! -Neidermeyer"
Dean Vernon Wormer: "I hate those guys. -Dean Vernon Wormer"
D-Day: "Ramming speed!"
Mean Dude: "Do you mind if we dance with your dates? -Mean Dude"
Babs: "That boy is a P-I-G pig. -Babs"
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