Runaway Robots! Romie-0 and Julie-8
Release: April 14, 1979

During the 75th annual robot convention, two sophistocated rival robots are unveiled, Romie-O and Julie-8. The two robots fall in love and run away, but their owners are determined to find them and keep them apart in this animated sci-fi musical production of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

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Singers: "♪Ain't no robot like Romie-O Oh, no!♪"
Singers: "♪More than bionic, he's more than a toy More than a robot - he's a man-made boy♪"
Mr. Thunderbottom: "Do you realize that the intergallactic robot show is only two days away?"
Singers: "♪And you were made for each other, you and Julie-8!♪"
Gizmo: "You're the best gadget I've ever seen! I think you'll do very nicely! -Gizmo"
Mr. Thunderbottom: "I can't sell damaged goods, you know. -Mr. Thunderbottom"
Julie-8: "I'm just a little scuffed, that's all. -Julie-8"
Romie-O: "When they built this one, they threw away the plans. -Romie-O"
Gizmo: "I guess this is what's called a happy ending. Huh. -Gizmo"
Mr. Thunderbottom: "Our companies hate each other. They'll never let us merge."
Gizmo: "She was the gadget I waited for all my life! -Gizmo"
Romie-O: "I know what this is... it's a rust storm! -Romie-O"
Mr. Thunderbottom: "I can't bear to see you destroyed... after what we paid for you. -Mr. Thunderbottom"
Mr. Thunderbottom: "I need all my parts, Ms. Passbinder! I need my arms, I need my legs! -Mr. Thunderbottom"
Ms. Passbinder: "I think we've just become... spare parts! -Ms. Passbinder"
Mr. Thunderbottom: "This is a fine mesh you've gotten us into! -Mr. Thunderbottom"
Romie-O: "Oh lovely robot maiden, I can't lose you now! Julie-8, we're together again! -Romie-O"
Julie-8: "Oh happy circuit, this is thy end. Fare-rust. -Julie-8"
Julie-8: "Now that Romie-O is free, I can't marry that, that -- that hardware store! -Julie-8"
Julie-8: "My luck seems to have run out. -Julie-8"
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