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My favorite actors from comedies
May 24, 2010
Hey everybody. If you've haven't already guessed from the movie articles I've written, that I'm a movie enthusiast. Like most of you, my favorite genre of film is comedy. We all look forward for the funny plot and jokes in a comedy, but without the actors, they're meaningless. So hears the top 7 comic actors

7. Jim Carrey/Mike Myers (1962-/1963-)

Without a doubt, these two were obviously going to make the list. Though the latter actor's career in going down the drain (the Shrek movies being his only saving grace), both of them made some of the '90s best comedies (i.e. Dumb and Dumber, Waynes World). Jim Carrey and Mike Myers, a dumbass, a party man, the number seven pick.

6. Chevy Chase (1943-)

Another SNL castmember. Now I know what your thinking "Where the hell is John Belushi?". Well, I've only seen two movies with him: The Blues Brothers and Animal House. I need to see three or more movies with the actor to qualify him/her for the list. As Chevy Chase, though I have yet to see his SNL work, he's really hysterical in the National Lampoon Vacation movies and The Three Amigos. He's Chevy Chase, and we're not!!!

5. Gene Wilder (1933-)

Leo Bloom himself. Though many RetroJunkies seem to typecast him as Willy Wonka, he has many other hilarious roles, including his Mel Brooks movies (he was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Mel Brooks' The Producers) and his pairings with Richard Pryor. Gene Wilder, a candy man, a grandson of a mad scientist, and the number five pick.

4. Peter Sellers (1925-1980)

The first classic comic actor on the list. Aside from the Pink Panther movies (I've seen the original & A Shot in the Dark), Sellers also cemented his legacy as Group Captain Lionel Mandrake/The President/Dr. Strangelove in Stanley Kubrick's comedy classic Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. Though he's funny in the Pink Panther movies, he's laugh out loud hysterical in Dr. Strangelove. Peter Sellers, proving that former Nazi scientists are hysterically funny.

3. Marx Brothers (Groucho, Chico, & Harpo)(1890-1977/1887-1961/1888-1964)
Screw the Three Stooges, Marx Brothers are where it's at. While I am aware that there was a fourth brother (Zeppo) in the group at one point, I've only seen the movies and shorts that had the three brothers. Unlike the Three Stooges, who relied on nothing but physical humor, Marx Bros. used verbal humor and occasional slapstick humor to deliver laughs (i.e. The Stateroom and The Contract scenes from A Night at the Opera). Marx Bros, proving that there is no sanity clause!

2. Mel Brooks (1923-)

I know what your gonna say: "Hey!! Mel Brooks made movies!! That doesn't count!". Well, he acted in a few of his movies (and a few of those that aren't his own). Whether he plays the lead or a supporting role, a viewer will be guaranteed a laugh from a Mel Brooks performance. My favorite Mel Brooks lead role was the struggling alcoholic director in Silent Movie and his best supporting role was the bumbling Tikon in The Twelve Chairs. Mel Brooks, please start writing/directing movies again!!!

Before we get to number one, here are a couple of honorable mentions

Diane Keaton (1946-)

Zero Mostel (1915-1977)

And the number one comic actor is....

1. Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977)

When one thinks of movies as a whole, let alone comedy, Charlie Chaplin always comes to mind. Though I have yet to see the movies he made in the later years, we all know Chaplin as "The Little Tramp", the unforgettable character who was in his films from 1914 to 1940. Charlie Chaplin, without him, movies wouldn't be as big as they are today.

Well, hope you enjoy the list and the Movie Batch 2 article will hopefully be submitted in a month or two.
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