Release: March 06, 2005
Release: March 06, 2005

Herb Copperbottom who works, literally as the dishwasher at Gunk's Greasy Spoon Diner and his wife are racing to the hospital one day about to have a baby. After twelve hours of "labor", the baby is built, and they name him Rodney. Rodney grows up aspiring to be a young inventor who wants to change the world for the better. He gets a job working at Bigweld Industries, owned and operated by his idol, Mr. Bigweld. Rodney soon finds that Bigwled is about to be bought out Phineas T. Ratchet, who wishes to discontinue the manufacture of spare parts and focus only on manufacturing new robots. After his father falls ill and they are unable to find spare parts, Rodney must encourage Ratchet that spare parts for older robots are a necessity.

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