The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Release: October 31, 1980

A new schoolmaster, Ichabod Crane, has recently moved into the small town of Sleepy Hollow. He is met with mixed reaction due to his clumsiness and his skepticism about the various local superstitions. He slowly grows on one of the local women, Katrina van Tassel, however another man named Brom Bones also has feelings for Katrina and is intends to get rid of Ichabod. He uses the Headless Horsemen legend as a tool and also the towns rumors about the previous schoolmasters were ran off by supernatural reasons or being ran off by Bones. Ichabod starts to see things around the town haunting him rethinking his stance on the supernatural. Is this the work of Bones, the previous school master or the Headless Horseman? Directed by Henning Schellerup. This was a made for television film loosely based on Washington Irving classic story.

Vanderhoof: "Now hold on a minute, Mister unmarried school master. That was the truth those kids told you 'bout them Indian spirits."
Ichabod Crane: "Mr. Vanderhoof, Indian ghosts, Headless Horsemen?"
Vanderhoof: "Bite down your tongue! Don't you ever go laughing at the Headless Horseman."
Ichabod Crane: "You expect me to believe that that owl is the ghost of an Indian?"
Vanderhoof: "Chief Running Buffalo."
Ichabod Crane: "Who said who?"
Boy: "Chief Running Buffalo."
Ichabod Crane: "Who?"
Boy: "The ghost of Chief Running Buffalo, sir."
Ichabod Crane: "The ghost? You don't believe in that kind of stuff do you?"
Boy: "Well this school house was built on an old Indian cemetery, Grandpa says it's haunted by spirits from the past."
Vanderhoof: "He catches you around Katrina, he's going to tie all your arms and legs together... or maybe worse."
Ichabod Crane: "R.I.P? Brom Bones killed the school master?"
Vanderhoof: "Just for reading poetry to her."
Palmer: "I'm not alive, I'm not dead, I'm both, and neither!"
Ichabod Crane: "Winter Palmer? I thought you said he was dead."
Vanderhoof: "He is dead! I told you them ghosts would come around after you burnt the devil bag!"
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