Release: February 07, 1940

While the kindly toymaker Geppetto sleeps, a blue fairy brings his beloved marionette Pinocchio to life, beginning a fantastic odyssey that will test the wooden puppet's bravery, loyalty, and honesty-virtues he must learn to become a real boy. Despite the warnings of his wise friend, Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio befriends a variety of roguish characters, leading up to his climatic battle with Monstro the whale!

Pinocchio: "Hey father! Father!"
Gepetto: "Don't bother me now, Pinocchio! Pinocchio?"
Pinocchio: "Father!"
Gepetto: "Pinocchio! (hugs a fish)"
Pinocchio: "Father! Here I am!"
Gepetto: "Huh? Oh yes--Pinocchio!"
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Pinocchio: "Father, What-cha crying for?"
Gepetto: "Because, you're dead, Pinocchio."
Pinocchio: "No, no I'm not!"
Gepetto: "Yes, yes you are. Now lie down and--"
Pinocchio: "But Father, I'm alive--see! And I'm...I'm real. I'm a real boy!"
Gepetto: "You're alive--and you ARE a real boy!"
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Jiminy Cricket: "Go ahead, make a fool of yourself! Maybe then you'll realize you should have listened to your conscience!"
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Honest John: "Oh, my goodness! A palpitating syncopation of the killer-diller with a wicky-wacky stomping of the floy joy! (BONK) Quick Doctor, that report!"
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Pinocchio: "(As he put fire in his finger) Oooh, Pretty."
Gepetto: "(Gasp as he gets frightened) Ooooh, HELLLLP! (Dashes with Pinocchio as he finds some water) Where is water?!?"
Jiminy Cricket: "(As he holds his top hat filled with water) I got it. Here is some water."
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