Hotel for Dogs
Release: January 16, 2009
Release: January 16, 2009

In Central City, siblings Andi and Bruce defraud a pawn shop owner to raise money to feed their Jack Russel Terrier, who responds to the name of Friday. Soon afterwards, the pawn shop owner approaches them with a police officer, pointing Andi out as the culprit. As she tries to talk her way out of trouble, Bruce's backpack falls and its contents spill out, revealing his scamming supplies. They then are arrested and taken to the local police station, where their social worker, Bernie, sternly scolds them and says that they may be separated the next time they do so because they keep changing from their previous foster homes to another. Bernie then takes them home to their foster parents, aspiring rock stars Lois and Carl Scudder. The two are angry that the children have missed dinner (and delayed band practice) and Bernie takes responsibility. Andi and Bruce are sent to their room for the night, where they have hidden Friday from their guardians. The two must work to keep Friday hidden and decide to have him take refuge in an abandoned hotel.

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