Are We Done Yet?
Release: April 04, 2007
Release: April 04, 2007

Nick Persons sold his collectibles store and has had Suzanne, Kevin, and Lindsey move into his apartment after Suzanne and Nick were married. While getting ready for an interview with Magic Johnson, Suzanne tells Nick that she is pregnant and they later find out that Suzanne is pregnant with twins. For more space, Suzanne and Nick go check out a house even though Lindsey and Kevin are against it. In the house, they meet Chuck Mitchell Jr. After some talking, Nick decides to take the house. They find out that the house has mold and Nick did not get the house inspected.Throughout most of the movie Nick is angry with Chuck, and at one point Lindsey sneaks out to go to a party, which Nick finds out about and grounds her. Now with the whole family against Nick, he has more to come when Chuck almost destroys their house, so Nick fires him. Because Nick fired Chuck, Suzanne, Lindsey, and Kevin move out, to the guest house; in Suzanne's words, You're the one who's tearing this family apart! After some time to think, Nick decides to fix the house on his own and apologizes to Chuck. So in loyalty Chuck brings his friends back to finish the house, including Lindsey and Kevin. Ice Cube leads the project, opposite Nia Long, John C. McGinley, Aleisha Allen, and Philip Daniel Bolen... Special Appearance by NBA superstar Magic Johnson. Steve Carr directs from the screen story and screenplay by Hank Nelkin; Based on the 1948 RKO Radio Picture "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House", and its characters created by Steven Gary Banks & Claudia Grazioso. Produced by Ted Hartley, Cube, Matt Alvarez and Todd Garner; Executive Producers: Heidi Santelli, Aaron Ray, Carr, Derek Dauchy and Neil Machlis. Opening Credits and "The End" animated by Kurtz & Friends. an RKO Pictures/a Cube Vision production for Revolution Studios; Released by Columbia Pictures.

Chuck: "thats magic johnson thats my guy, that-thats my main man did i tell you i was on the 86 lakers?"
Suzanne: "no"
Chuck: "ha, indeed, sweetie i had um...38 seconds of playing time"
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Chuck: "you got raccoons raccoons that like corn nuts"
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Suzanne: "lindsey, would you like to give thanks?"
Lindsey: "why? are we going home?"
Suzanne: "this is our home"
Lindsey: "our real home where my friends are where i can get cell phone reception"
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Suzanne: "i don't know what you were thinking, nick when you come to your senses, you're gonna realize that we're gonna have to hire chuck back"
Nick: "what?! oh no, thats never gonna happen! alright, nobody takes me for a ride! so hes never stepping foot in this house again!"
Suzanne: "chuck is caring, and he cares about this family"
Nick: "famil...? what he needs to do is move back with his own family its not normal for a contractor to live with his clients, suzanne"
Suzanne: "i understand that, but its been fun having him around, and hes great with the kids"
Nick: "no hes not! hes the one tearing this family apart! thats what hes doing!"
Suzanne: "hes the one tearing this family apart?! you're the one tearing this family apart, nick!"
Nick: "!"
Suzanne: "yes, you! with your insane obsession with this house!"
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Raccoon: "sucker!"
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Mr Rooney: "that fish put this town on the map"
Mrs Rooney: "oh yeah sturgeon tastes a lot like chicken, only fishy"
Suzanne: "nice"
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Nick: "i gotta fire chuck"
Suzanne: "why? cause he made you go fishing?"
Nick: "no, cause hes tearing up our house"
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Suzanne: "nick, how could you not hire an inspector? we talked about this how could you be so irresponsible? i trusted you on this"
Nick: "don't blame me its his fault"
Suzanne: "well how is it chucks fault?"
Nick: "he lied"
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