Cats Don't Dance
Release: March 26, 1997
Release: March 26, 1997

A Cat Named Danny Goes To Hollywood, CA To Become A Star But He Doesn't Know That In Hollywood, CA That Cats Can Only Say "Meow", He Meets New Friends Including Woolie, Cranston, Tillie And Sawyer, He Also Meets Darla Dimple, Danny And His Friends Must Work Together To Achieve Their Dreams While Dealing With Darla And Her Butler, Max.

Darla: "*while falling down the shaft* Maaaaxxxxx!"
Max: "*while drifting over France* Oui, Miss Dimple?"
T.W.: "They can smash your cookie but you'll always have your fortune."
Frances: "I need a drink *splashes cup of water on her face*"
Darla Dimple: "I am an angel!"
Max: "How does the kitty cat go?"
Pudge: "Uh oh I'm busted."
Tillie: "Cranston!"
Woolie Elephant: "Oh, that's what this town does to you, my boy; wears you down."
Danny Cat: "But I thought Hollywood was always looking for new talent-"
Woolie Elephant: "Ah, ah, ah. Talented PEOPLE, not animals."
Sawyer Cat: "You're dreaming, Danny..."
Danny Cat: "Maybe I am... But so were you, just a few minutes ago."
Danny Cat: "What if I can get you an audition with L.B. Mammoth?"
Sawyer Cat: "L.B. Mammoth? Head of Mammoth Studios?"
Danny Cat: "I'm sure he'd appreciate real talent..."
Cranston Goat: "After nothing but Darla, he's going to be starving for us!"
Cranston Goat: "Well, it doesn't get any worse than this..." (gets knocked off of the ark) "I was wrong; it's worse."
Darla Dimple: "Big and LOUD!!!"
Tilly Hippo: "Well, there's always Broadway... Yeah! Broadway! I heard hippos are very big on Broadway!"
Francis Fish: "They're big everywhere, darling."
Cranston Goat: "Look who's back! I wish he'd get himself stuffed!"
Frances Fish: "I know a devine taxidermist, darling; he did my first husband."
Sawyer: "It's not that simple..."
Danny: "It is in Kokomo."
Sawyer: "Then... Maybe that's where you should have stayed."
Cranston Goat: "Come on, Sawyer! Grab a partner and dosie-doe!"
Tillie: "I think they liked it."
T. W. Turtle: "They may smash your cookie...but you'll always have...your fortune."
Cranston Goat: "Shoot me."
Sawyer: "The glamour of paper filing"
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