The Fox and the Hound
Release: July 10, 1981
Release: July 10, 1981

A young fox named Todd befriends a young hound dog named Copper. As they get older they discover they cannot be friends because they're supposed to be enemies.

Big Mama: "Listen good, Tod, 'cause it's either education or elimination."
Big Mama: "Darlin, forever is a long, long time, and time has a way of changing things."
Tod: "What'cha sniffin' at?"
Copper: "On the trail of somethin'."
Tod: "Trail of...what?"
Copper: "I don't know yet. *sniffs* Why, it-it's you! *howls*"
Tod: "What'cha do that for?"
Copper: "We're supposed to do that when we find what we've been trackin'."
Tod: "I'm a fox. My name's Tod. What's your name, kid?"
Copper: "Mine's Copper. I'm a hound dog."
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