Garbage Pail Kids
Release: August 21, 1987

Seven disgusting kids but nevertheless of interesting personality are being made of the green mud coming out of garbage can. Once alive their master gives them rules to obey although they think that life is funnier without following stupid regulations like no television or no candy. Naturally this will cause some conflicts.

Captain Manzini: "What happened to you? You smell like a fire hydrant."
Dodger: "I had an accident."
Greazy greg: "Hey!You drink the red and you get dead!'"
Ali Gator: "My god, its cousin Charlie."
Valarie Vomit: "Wanna' suck face?"
Valerie Vomit : "Ali, you ate my burger!"
Ali Gator: "Oh, yeah? Prove it. "
Valerie: "I can't, you ate the evidence."
Ali Gator: "There aint no time, Like Toe time!"
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