Short Time
Release: December 15, 1990
Release: December 15, 1990

Dabney Coleman,Teri Garr,Matt Frewer,and Barry Corbin,star in hilarious action comedy,about a cop(Coleman),who is nearing retirement,only to find out,he's dying of a rare disease(or so he thinks).Burt Simpson(Coleman)is looking forward to retirement,but then finds out he's dying,thanks to a slip up during his physical.He finds out that his life insurance,only pays,if he's killed in the line of duty.So,to ensure his son gets a good college education,Burt goes to tremendous links,to get killed.Only problem,he survives every attempt,and keeps getting commendations.Will Burt find out,before it's too late?A very funny,action comedy,in the vain of"Beverly Hills Cop",and"Rush Hour".

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