The Brady Bunch Hour
Debut: November 28, 1976
Ended: May 25, 1977

After the cancellation of "The Brady Bunch" and "The Brady Kids," it seemed that the Brady franchise was dead -- until several key cast members appeared in a memorable, high-rated episode of "The Donny and Marie Show." Soon there was a buzz, and the "Bunch" (minus Eve Plumb, who was replaced with "fake Jan" Geri Reischl) found themselves reuniting for this series, which was produced by Sid and Marty Krofft ("HR Pufnstuf"), who'd featured the Brady Kids in their 1973 TV special, "Sid and Marty Krofft at the Hollywood Bowl." The show revolved around the premise that the family was asked to do a variety show for ABC, so they left their digs in California, moved into a house on the beach, and broadcast out of their new home. Unfortunately, there seemed to be little balance between painful musical performances, unfunny skits, and guest-star cameos galore. It's also notable that the events that transpired during these episodes never became part of the storyline of any subsequent Brady outing ("The Brady Brides," "A Very Brady Christmas," "The Bradys"). Following the successful broadcast of the pilot, "The Brady Bunch Variety Hour," in November, 1976, eight more episodes were rushed into production, which aired from January-May, 1977. These episodes received low ratings, and the series was soon canceled. In subsequent years, the series has become the butt of many jokes, and it's routinely cited in lists of the all-time worst TV series. Several episodes have found their way back to cable in recent years, and a few have been released on VHS and DVD, but half of the episodes remain unseen by modern audiences. 9 episodes produced.

Mike Brady: "Carol, we've only been on a few minutes. Are you telling me we've already been canceled?"
Greg Brady: "Music is my life!"
Mike Brady: "Welcome back to another Brady Bunch Hour!"
Carol Brady: "Yeah, the show that asks the musical question"
Mike Brady: "Am I really that bad a singer?"
Carol Brady: "Our guests for tonight's show are..."
Marcia Brady: "Uh, Mom, he's not serious is he? He sounds serious."
Carol Brady: "I know he sounds serious. I've heard him sing."
Carol Brady: "You know, honey, for a guy with his own television show, you're still a pretty fair architect."
Mike Brady: "Hey, thanks! I think it's kind of therapy for me, you know. Architects don't need Neilsen ratings to tell them who's watching their buildings."
Bobby Brady: "Mr. Berle, we need your help. You see, we're about as funny as the Waltons."
Milton Berle: "No, you're not."
Rich Little: "Who are all these kids?"
Carol Brady: "Uh, these are our sons and daughters."
Rich Little: "Oh boy, you two have been busy, haven't you?"
Milton Berle: "I feel like the loser on The Gong Show."
Milton Berle: "One more kid and you're eligible for statehood."
Mike Brady: "Mr Berle... why are you here?"
Milton Berle: "Bad luck, I guess."
Greg Brady: "What has six eyes, sex appeal, smokes a cigar and wears a toupee?"
Everyone: "What?"
Greg Brady: "Tonight's three guests."
Bobby Brady: "Compared to us, Donny and Marie are Cheech and Chong!"
Carol Brady: "We really think we have a terrific show for you tonight!"
Marcia Brady: "It's loaded with music, dancing and lots of comedy."
Bobby Brady: "Stay tuned, folks. The comedy starts right after this monologue."
Jan: "Why couldn't I have been one of the Waltons?"
Jan: "Oh, why can't I be dead?"
Marcia: "Yeah! Why can't Jan be dead?"
Jan: "What'll my friend think? Oh, I could just roll up in a little ball and die!"
Carol: "He's even going to dance class. Do you think he likes that? Do you think your father enjoys wearing tights?"
Carol: "Is that it? Is that the kind of miserable, ungrateful children you are?"
Mike: "When you left here, it was all fun and games. Now it's assault with a deadly rollerskate?"
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