Strange World
Release: November 23, 2022

Disney's 100-year celebration kicks off with a Walt Disney Animation Studios original. On a snowy expedition to what lays beyond the mountains, a boy named Searcher Clade found the powerful Panto plants. His father, Jaeger, wasn't impressed with him, so he continued the journey alone. 25 Years Later, Searcher became the hero, just like his father, by providing the Panto as the energetic source of Avalon. His family, which includes his mother Meridian, brother Ethan and the three-legged dog Legend, were a group of Panto farmers for local distribution. But one night, the leader, Callisto Mai, arrives via the enormous ship Venture, and took Searcher on the new expedition: Saving Pando. Ethan and Legend were stowaways on the ship, as told by their mother, but before Searcher could send his brother home... the ship plummets and crashlands into the Strange World. Now, Searcher, Ethan [in which he makes friends with the creature he named as Splat] and the now-grandfather Jaeger stick together as the family in order to save Pando from hurting. It's one epic-to-scale environmental exotic expedition. Nominated for 2 '23 Annie Awards for Best Storyboarding in a Feature starring the voice talents of Jake Gyllenhaal, Dennis Quaid, Jaboukie Young-White, Gabrielle Union, and Lucy Liu... Legend the Dog as Himself; and Splat as Itself. Don Hall directs from the screenplay by Qui Nguyen; Inspired by the sci-fi comic book stories of the 1950's. Produced by Ron Conli; Executive Producer: Jennifer Lee. Music by Henry Jackman • Soundtrack on Walt Disney Records.

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Ethen: "[about Jaeger while chase-running] He's awesome."
Searcher: "He is NOT awesome."
Ethen: "He just saved my life."
Searcher: "You know: I was part of that rescue, too."
Ethen: "He just saved your life."
Jaeger: "You ain't see nothing yet, kid."
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