Lost films found and others

Films that I forgot about and now found and films I recommend.
By dg
August 07, 2008
I forgot the name of allot of films, since I saw them when I was really young and I went on a hunt to try and find them again. I could only remember certain things and when I found them again I was surprised who had directed them and starred in them because I haven't seen them for so long and it brought back good memories.

I really enjoyed watching this and found it recently on YouTube. I found out it was based off a book but apparently not as good but how many films are. Its a good little adventure ad its basically giving a message out to kids to find learning fun and go out and play instead staying in. Maybe kids today should watch this and learn something instead of playing on there computers games all the time. It has 70's feel to it but the story is still great and the characters are interesting and strange.

I could only remember the bit when the boy goes down into that strange underground world where they had powdered faces and the robot guy who killed those other boys.
When I saw it again I really enjoyed it and understood the story more. Its a strange film with a wacky humor but it also has its serious parts and again based off a book.

This is a brilliant little animation. It really stood out in my mind because it was so great visually. It was about a boy that I though was girl at the time, that has to kill these dragons. Like I said its a great animation and the style they use. Its quite simply done but still amazing to watch and the music goes great with the story making it stand out more.

Before I remembered what this film was, all I could remember was the story with the kid and when they go upstairs and see the lady sitting at the TV with no mouth. It was disturbing watching that bit as a kid. I liked all the stories and found them all quite interesting to watch. It was good to Dan Aykroyd in there at the start and end. The first story was quite harsh but the guy learns a strong lesson in how not to be in the moral of the story. The most memorable story is the last one. It was quite a freaky story because know one believed the man. The music was funny when the monster slaps him on the face. I thought it was a good film with some cool little stories but I think it could have been better. It just felt a little lack luster.
Its quite weird that all those great directors including Steven Spielberg worked on it. The only two great directors these days that team up is Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez.

The bits I could remember were the little monster in the box and when that man gets buried into the sand and that was it. It was great watching it again knowing George A. Romero directed it and the fact Steven King wrote it and starred in it also. There were some really cool stories. Not sure which one was the best I liked them all them the same.

One thing that stood out in my kind was the girl being shot in the head. Thats all I could remember about it. When I saw the film and it got to that bit I never realized it was a Carpenter film. Anyway tis another Carpenter classic this time set around an assault on an abandoned police station. I like this version better than the remake for certain reasons. The setting in LA was better with hot whether and really added to the film and I preferred the street gang instead of the swat team which made it darker in my opinion. There's some cool music in this like all of Carpenters earlier films and some good actors also. To me the remake seemed more straight forward with action but the original builds up tension in Carpenters eerie style and more cleverly done. It has its fair share of action and violence which is still pretty good to watch. Don't be put off by the date it was made and I will admit it has its corny moments but its another brilliant film by Carpenter and still holds up well and a must see.

Now to oldschool films I've seen recently that I recommend.

I have actually seen this before but since its not mentioned in any other of my articles I thought I would stick it in here.
Screamers is a good sc-fi film but it just had a B-movie feel to it which let it down slightly. I found I couldn't stop watching it because the story was so interesting which was enjoyable unlike some sc-fi's where you loose interest quite quickly. It has its gory moments and the action isn't to bad. There's some scary moments and surprises towards the end which I thought was clever about the story. I think the ending could have been a little better done but good over all. One of Peter Weller's better films and worth seeing if your a sc-fi fan.

I've watched this a couple of times now and really enjoy it. It does have that corny psychedelic feel to which Austen Powers took the piss out of in his films but its still great to watch.
Its quite weird and strange how they would all kill themselves once they reached 31 or something and then performed that weird ceremony where everyone cheered. Once Logon goes on the run it becomes a great adventure and when they find out what happened to the real world. Jenny Agutter looked sexy as ever in it and the old man played by Peter Ustinov was funny as ever with all his cats.

This a very powerful film seeing Tim Roth pulling off a brilliant performance as Trevor a neo-Nazi totally pissed off with the government and the way England was back in the 80's.
It was a time when unemployment was all over in the Margret Thatcher era.He's in and out of detention centre's where his social worker try to reach and change him but he has none of it. Its a shame because at times you feel they might and here sort his life out for good. I like this film allot not just because of the story but the way it looked and it managed to capture the way England was back then which was a much rougher place.

This is a true classic thriller or horror. Im not sure if I ever saw this as kid or not but its a brilliant film and better than the remake by a mile. Its got allot of clever build ups and excellent scenes between C. Thomas Howell who plays Jim and Rutger Hauer who plays John Ryder who is a complete psychopath.
The film seems so isolated and lonely but thats the great thing about it which gives it that feel of no hope. I hated the scene when Jennifer Jason Leigh who plays Nash who gets ripped apart because you feel that shes the only one on Jim's side and then to die like that. Its got a great ending anyway.

I don't think this is as good as the first one but that only because it had less stories. If it had more than maybe it would have been as good as Creepshow 1. I loved the parts when it flicked back to the animation and then back to the stories.
Not sure which story is my fav maybe the first one but there all good. I think the first story is most satisfying since the Indian gets his revenge.

I didn't know what to expect when I first watched this. The stories were quite random but really watchable and the animation had a cool style. There's also allot humour in this which suites the strange characters and feel of the film and also nudity.
I liked all the stories but my fav would have to be the first one or the WWII which was quite creepy just a shame it never lasted longer. If you like anime or animation in general I would defiantly recommend this.

I've seen this a few times and I have to say its a really well told Arthur story. It obviously tells the ups and the downs of his reign. Its a very dark version as well but does have its positive parts of when he ruled. There was some great gore in this with limbs being cut off and that was great since it wasn't all fairy tale done and really showed how gritty it must have been.
Your notice as well when they move in there armour they seemed to struggle allot but that was very realistic since the armour was heavy as shit and you couldn't move that well in it. There was a great cast as well with Helen Mirren as the evil Morgana and Liam Neeson and few others.

There's been a few remakes since the original but this version is still the best out of the lot even though the first one is a classic. Its very creepy and dark and there's great performances from all actors an an early role for Jeff Ggoldblum. I think this was a clever film the way they put it all together and a great update on the original. I really enjoyed this film and if your a horror fan this is a must see.

I'm not sure if I've seen this film before or not but I put it in the part anyway. Robin Williams has a nervous break down from his wife dying and then becomes a different person in his head and becomes obsessed with trying to find the holy grail. Jeff Bridges plays a radio dj responsible for his wife's death and tries to make up for it by helping Robin Williams. Jeff Bridges and Robin Williams are really funny. The film has all of Terry Gilliam's weird style which is cool. There's some funny tramps on the street which Robin Williams hangs out with. Its quit freaky in places when Robin Williams starts freaking out about some evil Knight on a horse. Its just a really good film and a nice ending.

I think this is a touching story of friendship and they really show that as the film goes on. Great acting from Matthew Modine and Nicolas Cage who I'm not really a big fan of but he was great in this. The film is feels so lonely in parts and the music goes brilliantly with it. Just another well made film.

Just to add one more thing although its not a film I forget to put this my fav games growing up. I think this is one of the best games on the N64. It was really fun to play and the gameplay was great and the story.
I really wish Goerge Lucas could make a film out of this instead of those crappy new ones.

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