The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh
Release: March 11, 1977

In the Hundred Acre Wood, Winnie the Pooh, the roly-poly little bear, and his animal friends plus Christopher Robin find themselves in one tickish situation after another. These adventures included a compilation of "Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree", "Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day" and "Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too", with newly animated linking material from the original books by A. A. Milne.

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Rabbit: "Oh Pooh! You messed up my moose!"
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Rabbit: "Oh dear! Oh dear just just look at my beautiful garden!"
Tigger: "Yuck! Messy isn't it?"
Rabbit: "Messy? Messy?! It's ruined! It's ruined Tigger! Oh why don't you ever stop bouncing?!"
Tigger: "Why? That's what Tiggers do best!"
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Narrator: "Yes the time had come at last. Christopher Robin was going away to school. Nobody else in the forest knew exactly why or where he was going. All they new was it had something to do with twice-times and how to make things called ABCs and where a place called Brazil is."
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Winnie the Pooh: "I sure like bouncing. Wasn't that fun Piglet?"
Piglet: "Yes Pooh. But the best part is where it stops."
Narrator: "Well in the next chapter there's a great deal of bouncing."
Piglet: "There is? Oh. I think I just remembered something that I forgot to do yesterday and shan't be able to do it tomorrow. So I suppose I really ought to go back and do it now. Uh goodbye Pooh."
Winnie the Pooh: "Goodbye Piglet. Now is the next chapter all about me?"
Narrator: "No no it's mostly about Tigger."
Winnie the Pooh: "Oh bother."
Narrator: "But you're in it."
Winnie the Pooh: "Oh good. What will I be doing?"
Narrator: "Well Pooh you'll be sitting in your thoughtful spot. Thinking as usual."
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Owl: "Well I say now! Someone has.. Pooh did you do that?"
Winnie the Pooh: "I don't think so."
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Tigger: "T.T.F.N Ta ta for now!"
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Narrator: "This could be the room of any small boy. But it just happens to belong to a boy named Christopher Robin. Like most small boys Christopher Robin had toy animals to play with. And they lived together in a wonderful world of make believe. But his best friend is a bear called Winnie the Pooh. Or Pooh for short. Now Pooh had some very unusual adventures. And they all happen right here in the Hundred Acre Wood."
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Eeyore: "Thanks for noticing me"
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Narrator: "And so we come to the last chapter in which Christopher Robin and Pooh come to the enchanted place and we say goodbye."
Winnie the Pooh: "Goodbye? Oh no can we go back to page one and do it all over again?"
Narrator: "Sorry Pooh. But all stories have an ending you know."
Winnie the Pooh: "Oh bother."
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Tigger: "Yuck! Tiggers don't like honey! That icky sticky stuff is only good for heffalumps and woozles!"
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Tigger: "Glad to meet you! Name's Tigger, T-I-double-guh-er! That spells Tigger!"
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Pooh: "Think, think, think, think. I'm thinking about what to think about."
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Pooh and the Narrator: "Pooh: "Can't we go back to page one and do it all over again?" Narrator: "Sorry, Pooh, but all stories have an ending, you know." -Pooh and the Narrator"
Eeyore and Owl: "Eeyore: "W-O-L. That spells Owl." Owl: "Bless my soul! So it does!" -Eeyore and Owl"
Rabbit: "He budged! Hooray! Christopher Crobin! Uh, Christopher Robin! He bidged! He badged! He booged! Today's the day! -Rabbit"
Owl: "Dash it all, he IS the project! -Owl"
Tigger: "Hallooooooooo! -Tigger"
Owl: "You see, her constant practicing so unnerved my aunt she laid a seagull egg by mistake." (his dishes fall over him as his house begins crashing) "Whoooooo! -Owl"
Piglet: "Oh, dear. Oh d-d-d-d-d-dear dear! -Piglet"
Gopher: "If I was you, I'd think about ssssskedaddin' outta here. -Gopher"
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