Scary childhood movie Moments

Movies that scared me when i was little
March 18, 2013
Hey , My name is MatuX im new in Retro Junk ( Well i visit the site a lot of times but its the first time i create an account ) so this is gonna be my first article :) . Anyways what im gonna talk about is of Scary Childhood movie moments . We have all watched movies that makes us run to the kitchen and hide until the movie ends. ( well at least i have )And today im gonna make a Top 5 list of the ones i have been most scared of.
5.Poltergeist: Clown Scene

Now this was a movie that i really enjoy , and at the time i saw it it really didn't scare me that much , until i came up this scene , i had nightmares each night , and i couldn't fall asleep because i thought that clown was in the room , i cant even watch that scene today without remembering horrifying moments in my childhood.
4.Gremlins: Dead Stripe Scene

Ok while the clown scene in Poltergeist Scared me more than this one , i had to put The Dead Stripe Scene From Gremlins in here , because even though it really didn't give me nightmares or anything , it made me jump and scream a lot back then , and Gremlins is my Favourite Movie.
3.Brazil: Torture Scene

Now i don't really think a lot of people watched this movie when they were kids , but i did and i loved it , but it actually was for me a pretty disturbing film , and i don't know why because i dont know if the film was meant to be disturbing , but i just felt disturbed watching this film , even though at moments it was funny , but this scene WAS meant to be disturbing it just horrified me. Still until this day it scares me a bit.
2.It: Pretty much the whole film.

Now it was a movie that Scared me Sh*tless. I was just so scared of this movie ( Especially the cover ) , And i think it also scared a lot of you guys out there , but the thing is i watched it again when i grew up and i found the film HILARIOUS. But still i had to put it in second place for all those nightmares it gave me.
1:The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh: End scene.

A lot of people are gonna make fun of me for this , but its true. The Final scene from the 1977 film The Many adventures of Winnie The Pooh , Scared me so much i cried each time i saw this scene i cried and screamed and ran away each time i saw this and there were 2 reasons .
1. He blinked : I dont know why but it just scared me when he blinked.
2. The way he looks : For a weird reason he looks like a deformed winnie the pooh Plush . Creepy
Well guys that was my first article and i hoped you liked it as much as i liked writing it :) . MatuX
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