The Big Comfy Couch
Debut: March 09, 1992
Ended: December 29, 2006

This show is about a clown named Loonette and her doll named Molly. They live on a big comfy couch in Clown Town and experience fun times with their neighbors Granny Garbonzo and her cat Snickelfritz, Major Bedhead, the clown mail delivery man, and Auntie Macassar and Uncle Chester. Most of the times you also see Loonette do her clock rug stretch, visit her dollhouse to see the Foley family, visit Miss Looonette's dance academy, see the Dustbunnies under the couch, go to clown town, hear Loonette read a story, and see her do the ten second tidy.

Loonette: "Toodles!"
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Loonette: "Do you roll around on the floor like me?"
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Loonette (singing when going to clown town): "Clown town, clown town, we are going to clown town! Clown town, clown town, here we come! The place that's full of friends, the place where silliness never ends! Clown town, clown town! Here we come!"
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Loonette: "Hey! Who made this big mess?! Me? I did, didn't I? Well, I have to clean it up! It's only fair. So get ready for the Ten Second Tidy! Ready, set go!"
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Major Bedhead: "Package for Loonette the Clown!"
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Molly: "Bwoop! -Molly"
Bedhead: "The mystery of the huge cabbage??!! OH, BOY!!! -Bedhead"
Loonette: "And the clown jumped over the moon! -Loonette"
Loonette: "(to Molly) Don't push it, Kiddo. -Loonette"
Loonette: "TLC: Tender Loving Clown. -Loonette"
Loonete: "Yesss...Nooo...I don't know! -Loonete"
Lounette: "Lounette and Molly a girl and her dolly on the biiig comfy, couch! -Lounette"
Bed Head: "Package...Loonette...Clown! -Bed Head"
Singers: "Get ready. Get ready. Get ready to clown around. All over and under the big comfy couch. -Singers"
Granny and Loonette: "Rock-a-by Bedhead on the Teeter tottery, you're not awake, and we know you aughta be, we tried to wake you, but you still snore, so off will go Bedhead onto the floor! -Granny and Loonette"
Loonette: "Get ready! For the ten second tidy! Ready, set, go! -Loonette"
Loonette: "Good morning Major Bedhead!"
Loonette: "Granny could you do me a favor?"
Granny: "A flavor? Okay: Chocolate!"
Loonette: "Oh no! Granny's gunna beat me after she sees this big mess."
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