The Pink Panther
Release: February 10, 2006
Release: February 10, 2006

Based on "The Pink Panther" films of Blake Edwards. During a semi-final soccer game between France and China, french coach Yves Gluant is seen wearing the mystical Pink Panther Diamond. After France wins the game and Gluant has a brief exchange with his girlfriend, he collapses over dead from a poison dart injection and the diamond disappears. The chief inspector Charles Dreyfus hires local "village idiot" Jacques Clouseau to work on the Pink Panther Case, even promoting him to inspector. He hires Gilbert Ponton to be his assistant telling him to keep track of all of Clouseau's actions. After the prime suspect in Gluant's death is killed, Clouseau and Ponton fly to New York City to track down Gluant's girlfriend, Xania a famous singer who holds the diamond and may just hold the clue to his death,

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