The Mask Animated Series Intro

Added By: Clint_Olson
On: January 31, 2021

Season 1 (1995) intro (HQ)

I got's with my winnin' smile, I'm a livin' less in flarin' style, you just can't help much stare it my super fair. I'm new go gecko, rollin' greco, rococo moroco, bebop & hip hop, flip flop, somebody stop me! Pretty but rainy and faces like mine, Don't tell my dime a dozen I stand down at a crown. They when they made me and they broke a mold. Homes and then find, stayed em and fight, totally out of my mind! Arch villains and every-wells had better liven decorate prison cells, gringos but anything if I ask, see? But there's one last thing i gotta sing about, open up wide and really shout! Woah, look out! This is "The Mask!" Ssssmokin'!

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