The Mask Animated Series Intro

Added By: Clint_Olson
On: February 01, 2021

Season 2 & 3 (1996-97) intro (HQ)

I gotcha with my winnin' smile, I'm a livin' less in flarin' style, you just can't help much stare it my super fair. I'm new go gecko, rollin' greco, rococo moroco, bebop, hip hop, flip flop, somebody stop me! Pretty but rainy and faces like mine, Don't tell my dime a dozen I stand down at a crown. They when they made me and they broke a mold. Homes and then find, stayed em and fight, totally out of my mind! Arch villains and every-wells had better liven decorate prison cells, gringos but anything if I ask, see? But there's one last thing i gotta sing about, open up wide and really shout! Woah, look out! This is "The Mask!" Ssssmokin'!

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