Disney's 101 Dalmatians
Debut: September 01, 1997
Ended: March 04, 1998
Debut: September 01, 1997
Ended: March 04, 1998

Based on the popular animated film, this is the ongoing story of Lucky, Rolly, and Cadpig, three of the titular dogs who live on the Dearly Farm. Joining them is Spot, a rooster that would rather be a puppy and hang out with all 101 members of the brigade. Occasioannly, they must deal with Cruella DeVille, now a corporate crony, and her plans to torment the dalmatians and buy out the farm.

lucky: "if we could do it -lucky"
cadpig: "we could do anything -cadpig"
Cadpig: "I always say, if you can't conquer life's obstacles, think of an alternative."
Cadpig: "Aw, did the boogeyman creep into your subconscious and go boo?"
Lucky: "Rolly, are you alright?"
Cadpig: "Looks okay, except he's about to plummet to his doom."
Two-Tone: "Lucky! your pink!"
Cadpig: "Someone took my daily affirmation calender! What will I do? How will I center? How will I...focus my rage so I can rip the lips off the thieving jerk? -Cadpig"
Rolly & Cadpig: "Rolly: Release the hounds! Cadpig: We are the hounds! -Rolly & Cadpig"
Cruella: "I just stopped by for a cup of sugar...or maybe an anti-tank gun, if you're not using yours. -Cruella"
Cadpig: "You're one of those glass is half-empty people, aren't you? -Cadpig"
Pug & Spot: "Pug: Duck! Spot: Duck? Duck? What is it with you guys and poultry? -Pug & Spot"
Lucky, Cadpig & rolly: "When will people learn...that couping out dogs is inhumane...and not to mention illegal? -Lucky, Cadpig & rolly"
Cadpig: "I always try to be supportive, but...GET OFF ME NOW!!! -Cadpig"
Spot: "I need to work on my will power. -Spot"
Cadpig: "What is a dog? What is a chicken? Does anyone ever really know? -Cadpig"
Cadpig: "If anyone can scare off the Angel of Death, it's Cruella. -Cadpig"
Cadpig: "At last! Supreme oneness! Jointedness! Togetherness! When is it over? -Cadpig"
Cadpig: "I'm having trouble getting centered! It's all this unfamiliarity! I need a sense of place! -Cadpig"
Spot: "I am a dog! I'm a dog trapped in a chicken's body!"
Lucky & Cadpig: "Lucky: We've been spotted! Cadpig: We were born that way, Luck. It's part of who we are. -Lucky & Cadpig"
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