Creepshow 2
Release: May 01, 1987
Release: May 01, 1987

George Romero and Stephen King return once again with three new bone-chilling tales of terror. In Old Chief Wood'nhead, Ray and his wife Martha are robbed and brutally gunned down by three teenage punks. The three teens are unaware that by killing the store owner and his wife they have awakend the wrath of a Native American statue made of wood. In The Raft, four teenage kids are heading out to the lake where they intend to spend some time on a raft floating in the water. While there, they become the main course for a creature that looks like a huge black oil slick. In The Hitchhiker, married woman Annie Lansing is driving home after having a quick fling with her lover. While driving down the highway, she accidentally hits and kills a hitchhiker and quickly drives off. Soon after, Annie realizes that the hitchhiker that she killed is now following her and Annie must now drive as fast as she can to get home or pay the price. If you've enjoyed Creepshow, then you'll definitely love this.

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The Hitchhiker: "Thanks for the ride lady."
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