Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)
Debut: December 14, 1987
Ended: November 02, 1996
Debut: December 14, 1987
Ended: November 02, 1996

This animated series adaptation is a commercially reconstructed cartoon of a popular underground "graph-vel" of the same name. The story kicks off with a headstrong television journalist named April O'Neil investigating the goings-on of a recent warehouse break-in. A gang of bruts chases her into the labyrinthian sewers of New York City (or Manhattan) where she is rescued by four mysterious figures. She discovers that they are actually masked anthropomorphic turtles. Falling unconscious, they take her to their secret lair. After awakening, their rat sensei Splinter tells her of his coming to America, his students' mutation, and a ruthless crime lord named Oroku Saki (later proclaiming himself as the Shredder). From this point forward, a elongated plot surfaces focusing on the turtles and the friends they meet along the way foiling the Shredder and his "brainy" associate Krang's plans for total domination of Earth. A few reasons this show was so popular is because of its creativity and comedic integrity. It would often reinforce the fact that it was just a kid's show--nothing more. I assume this was to educate impressionable and reclusive children who spent too much time imagining they were ninja turtles. In an episode that aired during the early '90s, Baxter the Fly (formally Professor Baxter Stockman) transformed the people of Channel 6 into insects with a mixture of Krang's mutagen and some genetic extractions. During the episode's climax, he unwittingly gets caught in a spider's web spun by Vernon. Right before he could consume Baxter, the turtles free him and say, "that is not how we get rid of villains on this show." Aired on daily syndication from December 14-19, 1987 for its first season test run, and from October 1, 1988 - March, 29, 1991 for seasons 2-4. CBS' Saturday morning run from September 8, 1990 - November 2, 1996 with two episodes in a full hour for season 4 & 5 then reduced to one episode per week for seasons 6-10. Additionally, USA Network's Cartoon Express block featured additional season 7 episodes from mid-late September 1993.

Splinter: "I fear this is not the end for we have not heard the last of Shredder or Krang"
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Karai: "Out of my way....Whoever you are!"
Leatherhead: "I be Leatherhead. And a Florida gator goes where he pleases."
Karai: "My name is Karai, and I'm looking for those troublesome Turtles."
Leatherhead: "You huntin' those Turtles, too?"
Karai: "Wait a minute! Are you saying that we're on the same side?"
Leatherhead: "Yes, but I think I just got on your bad side."
Karai: "And that's the best side to be, my friend. The BEST side is ALWAYS THE BAD SIDE!"
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Vernon: "Ok, April. That's a wrap."
April: "Really, Vernon. Why must I get so involved with these stupid human interest stories?"
Vernon: "Because the public just "eats them up.""
April: "Right. With LOTS OF ONIONS."
Vernon: "My! Aren't we grouchy!"
April: "You would be, too, if you were in my position! You know what? I'm just going to go home! It's obvious I'm not needed HERE anymore!"
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Raphael: "take door number three! take door number three!"
Leonardo: "i can't believe you!"
Raphael: "believe me, the prize is behind door number three"
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Leonardo: "♪no more katanas, no more hooks♪ ♪no more of senseis nasty looks♪"
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Donatello: "hey, cut it out! i just had my shell turtle-waxed!"
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Irma: "i think its in that cabinet [steps on vernons foot]"
Vernon: "oww!"
Irma: "oh! sorry"
Vernon: "you klutz!"
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Rocksteady: "you rang, krang? [chuckles] i always wanted to say that"
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Krang: "i don't have to take this abuse from the likes of you!"
Shredder: "and i don't have to be insulted by an octopus like you!"
Krang: "oh yeah?!"
Shredder: "oh yeah!"
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Shredder: "our hair? don't you mean my hair?"
Krang: "[chuckles] shredder, you can be cruel"
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Splinter: "pray that it works, my son the fate of april, your brother turtles, and the entire world rests on its success"
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Leonardo: "Look! There it is! The Technodrome!"
Donatello: "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go take out the Foot Clan!"
All Turtles: "TURTLE POWER!"
Karai: "Not so fast, little Turtles!"
Raphael: "Is it just me, or have we suddenly been spotted?"
Leonardo: "Karai, listen. We don't want to FIGHT you. We want to HELP you!"
Karai: "Help me, you say? And just how do you plan on helping ME?"
Raphael: "I think you mean "WHY should we help you?""
Karai: "Enough of this! Now, prepare for the worst beating of your entire life!"
Raphael: "Ah, swell! And just when things were starting to "look up," too."
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Baxter Stockman: "They've escaped... But Shedder won't; HE'S the one who's responsible for what happened to me!"
Shredder: "Krang! I need you!"
Shredder: "Hurt him on his birthday? Why, I wouldn't even THINK of such a thing. Would I, Bebop?"
Bebop: "Uh, no, Boss. At least I don't THINK you would."
Michelangelo: "This is no way to treat a dude on his birthday."
Shredder: "Your birthday? Well, enjoy it. It could very well be your LAST. Speaking of presents...What did you get him?"
Michelangelo: "Enough with the small talk, dude. Am I getting my present or not?"
Shredder: "Of course you will. And, as I said..."
Michele: "Stop! Leave this Turtle to me!"
Shredder: "Who are you?"
Michele: "My name is Michele. I'm the "present" for this Turtle on his birthday. And don't worry, Turtle. I promise not to do any harm to you. Especially since you're so cute and handsome."
Bebop: "Uh, Boss? Maybe we'd better get out of here and let Michele do her thing."
Shredder: "You know, Bebop? For the first time in your life, you actually have an idea that isn't stupid."
Bebop: "Thanks, Boss."
Michealangelo: "PARTYYYYYYYYY!"
Krang: "I'll remember this Shedder!"
Shredder: "They call me...The Shredder."
Raphael: "A kitchen utensil?"
Shredder: "You would be wise to lose your flippant ways if you wish to join the honourable foot clan!"
Leonardo: "And why would we wanna do that?"
Shredder: "Because it was I that made you what you are today. Don't deny your destiny...join me..."
Raphael: "Does the phrase 'go suck a lemon' hold any meaning for ya?"
Michaelangelo: "Mega move Donatello"
Raphael: "Avast ye swab, and prepare to meet me trusty blades!"
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