Nick Persons (Ice Cube) sold his collectibles store and has had Suzanne, Kevin, and Lindsey move into his apartment after Suzanne and Nick were married. While getting ready for an interview with Magic Johnson, Suzanne tells Nick that she is pregnant and they later find out that Suzanne is pregnant with twins. For more space, Suzanne and Nick go check out a house even though Lindsey and Kevin are against it. In the house, they meet Chuck Mitchell Jr. After some talking, Nick decides to take the house. They find out that the house has mold and Nick did not get the house inspected.Throughout most of the movie Nick is angry with Chuck, and at one point Lindsey sneaks out to go to a party, which Nick finds out about and grounds her. Now with the whole family against Nick, he has more to come when Chuck almost destroys their house, so Nick fires him. Because Nick fired Chuck, Suzanne, Lindsey, and Kevin move out, to the guest house; in Suzanne's words, You're the one who's tearing this family apart! After some time to think, Nick decides to fix the house on his own and apologizes to Chuck. So in loyalty Chuck brings his friends back to finish the house, including Lindsey and Kevin.