The Guyver is a 12 episode OVA series based on the manga series by Yoshiki Takaya.

The Guyver is the story of Shō Fukamachi after he accidentally merges with symbiotic techno-organic item known as a Guyver Unit. The corporation known as Chronos finds out about this and sends out their monstrous soldier Zoanoids. Sho's friends Tetsurō Segawa and Mizuki Segawa get involved as well as further attacks from Chronos's vast army. Sho must battle to protect his friends from the Chronos, Zoanoids and even other Guyver units.

Sho is later joined by the mysterious Guyver Unit III (Sho’s school friend Agito Makishima) and Masaki Murakami in the fight against the Chronos Corporation.

The original OVA series was brought over to the states by U.S. Renditions in 1992 but the rights were later picked up by Manga Entertainment.

The Guyver would later have two live action films (The Guyver and Guyver: Dark Hero) and a new anime series 2005.