Swackhammer is the owner of a decrypt and run-down amusement park in space named Moron Mountain. When the park is in danger of going out of business he sends his minions the Nerdlucks to Earth where they kidnap the Looney Tunes thinking they would be a great new attraction. Bugs Bunny forms a bet with the Nerdlucks and says that if they can beat the Tunes in a contest, Bugs then the Tunes will stay at Moron Mountain. Because of the aliens' small stature, Bugs decides that the deciding contest will be a basketball game. Doing some research on "basketball" the Nerdlucks go back to Earth and steal the skills of the greatest NBA Players, which transforms them into the intimidating Monstars. After the Monstars do indeed become a direct intimidation to the Tunes they decide to return to Earth and recruit the greatest player in the League, none other than Michael Jordan himself!