Cleveland Cavs: The Orange & Blue Era

Before there was LeBron James, there was Mark Price and Brad Daugherty
May 06, 2013
First...I realized I made a goof on my last article, not a big one but should be mentioned...the name of the NBC President of the 80's was Tartikoff...I forgot the extra T.

Well...let's give it to Mr. T, who STILL pities the fool that is now in charge of NBC.

Second...I'm slight overdue for another movie sign article, but that'll happen soon though I'm going through finals now and my computer is getting fixed. (I'm using the school computers to make articles now).'s time for basketball playoffs. There's been a lot of talk with Jason Collins for coming out, I thought Dennis Rodman would've been the 1st to come out!

Well...that's neither here nor there and I don't want to get into it. But there's one thing the Cavs and NBC have in common though...they found themselves in Last Place.

I know...that's NOT even basketball nor the Cavs, but the Cavs had as much fate this year as being a Mets Fan! But all I know is, LeBron James will be doing this...

Because the Miami Heat will probably win the title again this year, no doubt! Back to LeBron's former team, Byron Scott had his 1st failure as coach here (Only in Cleveland) and guess who'll be coach next season?

Yep...but this wasn't even low for the Cavs, not even the 2002-2003 Season or the 2010-2011 Season...try the Ted Steipen! The year he bought the Cleveland Cavaliers was in 1980 and the shit REALLY hit the fan once he bought the franchise!

Ted Steipen is probably the worst owner of a team...ever!


So bad...the Cavaliers were nicknamed the Cleveland Cadavers because no one would want to see a team that won 66 games and lost 180 games under Stepien's watch! In the 1981-1982 Season, the Cavs had their 2nd worst streak by losing 24 games! Commentator Joe Tait was removed from his post on WWWE (Now WTAM 1100, which is home to the Cavs still...and Mike Trivisonno).

So bad...the Cavaliers were almost going to be named the Ohio Cavaliers and play their games in the 3C Cities (Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati). The Cavs were almost to be named the Toronto Towers if Steipen kept the team! The Cavs had 5 coaches in 3 years, lost $15 Million, and even a lot of 1st-Round Draft Choices in the NBA Lottery...hence The Steipen Rule. To me, he sounds like a real-life Jackie Moon!

Well...with ownership that is, if I heard Steipen sing this...I may freak!

And he even dropped softballs off the Terminal Tower in Cleveland when the city was trying to recover from another default by former Mayor/Congressman Dennis Kucinich! I'm sure Johnny Carson got material for that as well! 1983 the Cavs Nightmare would end when Gordon Gund bought the team. First...Joe Tait got his job back as the Cavs commentator, Second...the Cavaliers were named the Cavs for marketing reasons and got a new look from the wine and gold, to navy and orange.

The first three years were challenging for the Cavs, despite getting the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference in the 1984-1985 Season, they got swept by the Boston Celtics. By 1986, there was a major overhaul with the NBA Draft, and the Cavs acquired Brad Daughrety, Mark Price, Ron Harper, and Larry Nance. They were coached under Lenny Wilkens and were one of the best teams in the NBA at that time!

Price and Daughrety were even in the game "NBA JAM", how cool was that? Unfortunately...The Cavs played 2nd-fiddle to The Chicago Bulls. In the 1987-1988 Season, they were 6th Seed and lost to the Bulls 3 games to 2. In the 1988-1989 Season was more dramatic with Michael Jordan winning with "The Shot", one of the many Cleveland Curses!

In the 1989-1990 Season, The Cavs were 7th Seed in the NBA Playoffs, but the Bulls weren't the team to beat was the Philadelphia 76ers. The Cavs didn't do too well in the 1990-1991 Season despite having Price and Daughtery. But the 1991-1992 Season would fare better for The Cavs winning 57 of their 82 Games in the Regular Season and getting 3rd Seed in the NBA PLayoffs and 2nd in the Central Division (Guess who was 1st that year)! The 1991-1992 Season ended abruptly with The Bulls winning the series 4-2. The 1992-1993 Season was about the same as the 1991-1992 Season, The Cavs won 54 Games, got 3rd Seed in the NBA Playoffs, and 2nd in the Central Division. And like the 1991-1992 Season, The Bulls ended the Cavs Season by sweeping them in the Conference Semifinals that year. After the 1992-1993 Season, Wilkens stepped-down as the coach and Mike Fratello took over the reign of The Cavs. Price and Daughrety were still part of the team and made the playoffs, but at this time The Cavs were slowing down despite Tyrone Hill becoming the new star for the Cavs.

By 1994, Richfield Coliseum would be the last time the Cavs would play there. They would play their next season in Cleveland at the Gund Arena (Now Quicken Loans Arena). Though Larry Bird LOVED playing basketball at The Coliseum, the arena wasn't that convenient. First...its seating was 20k, now 10k more should be in an arena. Second...the layout! The street it was on would be a parking lot and the parking lot had only one entrance/exit! My parents went to see Wings there in 1976 and it wasn't that exciting.

The Richfield Coliseum was supposed to connect Cleveland with Akron, and from what I heard...Akron doesn't want anything involved with Cleveland (Maybe that's why LeBron James made "The Decision"). And the ONLY thing that Cleveland and Akron has ever made an agreement my WBNX, Cleveland's CW. also didn't hurt that the owner is a preacher, so "Love Thy Enemies" I guess!

Well...the Orange and Navy Cavs had added Black on their uniforms, I think these are the dumbest uniforms The Cavs ever had in franchise history! The Cavs did make the playoffs in the 1994-1995 Season and 1995-1996 Season having the same story by losing to the New York Nicks. In 1995, Mark Price would retire and The Cavs were showing signs of slowing down. In the 1996-1997 Season, The Cavs would lose the last game for playoff action over the Washington Bullets (Now Wizards) despite having the All-Star Game at the Gund. In 1997-1998 Season, the Navy and Gold Years were just a memory. Terrel Owens was traded for Shawn Kemp in 1997, The Cavs would miss-out the playoffs in a strike-shortened season which was 1998-1999 Season, and by then The Cavs were nothing until 2003 when they got...LeBron James!

And yes...I can STILL see this happening by the end of June! Maybe after that, he can come to Cleveland and play on The Cavs again. Yeah Right, that'll happen...And Aliens Might Fly-Out Of My Butt!

Well...maybe Bugs Bunny and his friends should get LeBron to return to Cleveland if Mike Brown can't do it. Yes, I know that's the plot from "Space Jam", but LeBron DID wear #23 in Cleveland until Michael Jordan had the number retired. And I do enjoy the movie "Space Jam"...though it's NO "Roger Rabbit". But will The Cavaliers have a new dynasty like the Orange and Navy Years, or will we have Ted Steipen Years again?

Besides...I doubt LeBron would play basketball with the Looney Tunes despite all rumors. I'm NOT into the Basketball Jones right now, so I'll end it with The Nostalgia Critic criticizing "Space Jam"!...

I still prefer The Angry Video Game Nerd, but that's another story too...I will return to the movies again once I get my computer back...or a computer period.
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