Tweety's High-Flying Adventure
Release: September 12, 2000

If you know about the cat named Sylvester and the bird called Tweety (originally Orville)... You Tawt them Wrong! when the production of the Kids WB! show 'The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries' wrapped up, the cat-and-bird duo - alongside Granny - got their spotlight in the first-ever Looney Tunes direct-to-video movie since their latest theatrical appearance in 'Space Jam'. In which: After Colonel Rimfire says he thinks cats are the world's most intelligent animal, Granny goes to prove him wrong by sending Tweety around he world, where he has 80 days to collect 80 paw prints and 80 stamps from each country he visits. Meanwhile, Sylvester just as determined to eat that bird tags along on the trip every last step of the way, even though neither of them know a thief is on the prowl and also tagging along. starring the voices of Joe Alaskey and June Foray. James T. Walker, Karl Toerge and Charles Visser direct from the screenplay by Tom Minton and Tim Cahill & Julie McNally; Based on the story of "Around the World in 80 Days" and upon Warner Bros.' Looney Tunes IP. Producers: Minton and Walker; Executive Producer: Jean MacCurdy. Music Score by J. Eric Schmidt; featuring 3 Original Songs written by Randy Rogel. from Warner Bros. Television Animation.

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