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5. Super Mario allstars

all the old school mario games in one game with inproved super mario allstars also features the japeneese vershon of Super mario bros 2 " i like"

article image fox AKA: star wing

star fox is the game that introduced 3d graphicks to the 16 bit era in fact you can here a real voice when falco says " wing damage"

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3. yoshies islsnd

i can remember alot about this game. nintendo have basicly put yoshi in an impressive crayon colured world.

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2. super mario world

marios 16 bit debut suprised us all with amazing levels and a certain green dinoscor made his grand debut to the world


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1....super mario kart

this deserves to be the best snes game around evere person i spoke to loves it!.

do you agree or disagree with my top 5.