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Hello all my friends. Many moons have passed indeed. Questions I must ask.

Of the people reading this, how many of you can name most of the actors associated with your favorite childhood live action TV shows? Now let me ask you this, how many can you name from your favorite cartoons? Are these thespians not as worthy as the Mantooth's, Bixby's, Van Cleef's, or T's of the world? Thus began my journey, and why we are all gathered here now.

The focus of this piece is two pronged-

First it is my wish to remove the animated masks which have covered our actors' and actresses' faces for so long now. I have chosen examples of my own personal favorite animated programs from back in the day, and I then preceded to learn as much as I could about the people who breathed life into the characters so that I could then bestow that knowledge upon you.

Secondly I would also just like to say thank you to all of the voice talents featured. Your work is important, and for many of us what you have created is a time portal back to a place in our lives that was magical. And for that I thank you very, VERY much.

Also as part of my thanks, and so that the readers could associate the particular vocal stylings with the names and pictures, it was my wish to demonstrate examples of the artists' work. So very early on in the project I contacted the powers that be here on Retro Junk about making one little addition to my piece. This is the result-