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Some of my favorites enjoy... Sorry each is short and sweet..
December 22, 2006

When I first seen this movie. My jaw dropped to the ground. I couldn't believe how true they stayed to the story. They made me believe that he was a real person.This movie stacks up there with some of the great Disney films. Tarzan tree surfing is one of the coolest things I've seen. Of course you can't go wrong with basing a movie off of an excellent novel written by Edgar Rice Bouroughs. For those of you who haven't seen this movie. It's definatley worth watching.Tarzan has some great voice talents behind the characters..Minnie Driver as Jane,Rosie O Donnell as Terk the Gorilla and Wayne Knight as Tantore the elepant for comic relief.This movie like all Disney movies has a villian named Clayton who to me was believable. Like all villians he starts out as a likeable character but as the movie progresses you begin to hate him like most villians.Not only that but some spectacular music by Phil Collins. I bacame an instant Phil Collins fan after this movie. Then what did they do Disney decided to release a crappy sequal because they couldn't think of any ideas. How exactly is it a second movie if it shows him as a kid? That doesn't make much sense to me. As far as the first Tarzan goes it's a classic.

What can I say about this film. Another great movie, magic, knights and a great original twist on the story of King Arthur. What I love most about this movie is that Merlin uses his magic to teach arthur lessons. When Merlin moves and packs everything is his suit case is great. The music that plays as he packs is going threw my head as I type this. The wizards duel hands down is my favorite part of the movie. The different animals they change into makes me laugh.One after another, I love how Merlin outsmarts madame mim by turning into a germ and she catches him. Then she gets sick that was a great way to defeat a villian. That's what I love most about Disney movies is when the villains get stupid and end up losing the battle. One time I would love the villain to win. I think another favorite scene of mine from this movie when Arcemedis is laughing at the toy airplane crashing into the water. I hope that Disney doesn't do a sequal because that ruin the greatness that this movie has created in my imagination.

I recently picked this movie up on DVD. This is by far one of my top five favorite disney movies. Right up there with Hercules, Aladdin and Emporer's New Groove. The songs in the movie are awesome. They have a folkey edge to them. This is one of the few disney movies where the cast is all animals. Prince John cracks me up. He's a funny villian but he doesn't have to fight when he has an army at his disposal. The sherrif is another character that sticks in my mind. Probably the one thing he says that sticks out to me is "They call me a slob but, I do my job." Pat Buttram does the voice of The Sheriff of Nottigham. Pat also has done the voice of Cactus Jake on Garfeild and Friends.I also enjoy Sir Hiss especially when he says " Snakes don't walk they slither. So there." He always seems to get the short of the stick but,he always seems to get me to laugh.Robin Hood is a classic and stands the test of time to this very day.

This is another movie I own on DVD. I love this movie and it's great better than some of the Disney films to follow it. I think it's better than Mulan but not to diss on Mulan at all. This movie has the elements of a big budget live action/comedy. I think Hades steals the movie. James Woods is great as Hades and Hades is the main reason to watch this movie. Well, there's also Phil voiced by Danny Devito which has some classic lines as well. "Alot of US's" is one of my favorites quoted by Phil. This movie has a great moral as well behind all the comedy and action. Being a true hero isn't measured by the size of your strength but by the strength of your heart. If you haven't watched Hercules it's definately worth the hour and fifteen minutes.

This movie makes me laugh. It still does and I've seen it at least fifty times. It tells the story of a spoiled brat emporer that gets changed into a llama. I won't give away much in case there's someone who hasn't seen it. This again has an awesome voice cast. David Spade as Kuzco, John Goodman as Pacha, Patrick Warburton as Kronk(Who's great in any movie) and Ertha Kitt as Yzma. David Spade and Patrick Warburton have some great lines. Whoever wrote this movie knew exactly what they were doing but that was until they decided to put out that crappy animated show and sequal. This movie rocks..."UHH, you threw off my groove." "I'm sorry you threw off the emporer's groove.". Emporer's New groove definately a good classic comedy for anyone who wants a good laugh.

This movie was excellent when I seen it in theaters and it's still awesome to watch. This was the first disney film of it's kind. It broke the barrier that the whole movie doesn't have to be a girly love story. This is about a love story in a way but it has great characters. Fantastic Villian, wonderful supporting characters and a hero you can get behind and believe in plus a princess. The Genie is what keeps me watching. Everytime I watch this movie it's like I see the Genie do something new. Robin Williams rules in any animated film he does voice acting for. He brought the Genie to life and I couldn't imagine someone else doing a better job. The othe guy didn't even come close. Aladdin is in my top five of favorite all time disney movies..

You gotta love classic pooh bear not that crap that Disney has attempted with Pooh. The tigger movie, Piglet's Big Movie, Pooh's Heffalump movie..Although the search for Christopher Robin was decent.Come on let Pooh just live on in this classic. I found this used on DVD and I had to buy it.This movie brought back so many memories. Especially when Tigger bounces so high that he has to stay up in the tree until the narrator gets him down or when Rabbit gets lost and Tigger found him.This version of Pooh is better than the new one now. Christopher Robin isn't even in the new movies and neither is owl. What's up with that? So who do they go to get advice from now? Who really cares this Winnie the Pooh rules..

I really didn't know whether or not to trust this movie. I went out and picked it up. I was like well, how bad could it be. I actually cried at the end of this movie. It's a great movie and because of this movie Joaquin Phoenix is like one of my favorite actors. He brought life to Kenai. Koda was great too..The Moose Rutt and Took made me laugh. "I'm not a bear I got turned into one." " Well, your a pretty big beaver." The rams that argue with their echos are funny as well. This movie taught me and it will teach you that love is more powerful than alot of people give credit . Not only that but it portrays bears as gentle creatures not the monsters that alot of people make them out to be.Iit also teaches you to see in a different perspective. That is another thing that I love about this movie. This movie was awesome..Phil Collins did another awesome job with the soundtrack. On my way is my favorite song from this movie.This was great and we all know about the crap that they attempted after this.
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