Saturdays in the 1990's

My look at Saturday Mornings in the 1990's and how's it changed
March 12, 2007
Remember those days when you didn't have to worry about school and homework? Those days were great. Whenever Saturdays came, man I was prepared for the best. On Saturdays in the 1990's, you can just sleep for the whole day and not worry about anything or stay up all day long. When I woke up early on Saturday mornings, I first gets some cereal or my parents would make me some pancakes or waffles. Waking up on rainy days made the days very fun! Soon after, I'd go straight to the tv. Since it usually was too early for Fox Kids and Kids WB to come on, I'd watch shows like the Littles or Where in the World in Carmen Sandiag which I really enjoyed. It was only the beginning.

My two favorite cereals I'd eat were Rice Krispies and Corn Flakes. I'd usually add a small dab of sugar to add flavor and then I'd go straight to chomping.

I still remember just waking up on Saturdays before even thinking about food and tv.

Once Fox Kids, Kids WB, and other Saturday Morning blocks came on, I leaped for joy. It was were the fun began. I'd just sit on the floor, play with my toys, and watch along with my brothers. Power Rangers, one of my favorite shows of all time, and The Mummy aired in front of my eyes and it was just great! I wish I could still relive those days, watching tv, eating great cereal etc. For the rest of the morning, I watched and watch until it was over and then I sit and think about the great shows that came on and began to anticipate for next week's episodes. Although the shows following Saturday morning ones' were kinda of boring, I still watched and enjoyed. I liked the movies that came on Saturdays, especially Star Wars.This whole process would repeat and repeat and repeat. I praise God for theses wonderful days.

Another thing I loved about Saturday Mornings in the 90's were my friends. I'd go outside to play with my friends whom I miss dearly. I remember I played Batman and Robin with my friend and it was really fun. We were also very inventive. Two trees acted as elevators, a bag of chips were our energy, and so on. It was a cool thing. I prainse God for this!

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, a new year! > The 21st Century
Saturday mornings changed for me in 2003 and so on. Now when I wake up on Satuday, I think, "Did I do all my homework or "My project's due Monday!" Some show's from the 90's still do air but I don't recevie that great feeling of the 90's. Now it's mostsly school I have to worry about. Still, I do have to time to watch t.v. and so am not that limited to what I can do. Nowadays, it seems like time goes really fast, unlike the 90's where time took it's time. Power Rangers is a good example of a 90's change. The original incarnations had what a kid would want from an action/adventure show but the ones from Disney lost that. Although, Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder has a good 90's feel aswell as Operation Overdrive, based on it's new start.

That's a change!

Well, life continues and I am growing up. Times haves passed but I won't forget them.
I even at times play with my toys, it brings back memories and the kid in me. We all have a kid in us.

I conclude with this:
God has blessed my life in the 90's with great shows, etc. and I'm thankful for that. It was a great time where I grew up. And so things continiue.

Good Times!
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