Teen Win, Lose or Draw

A Complete Overview of the greatest, underrated Disney Channel Game Show of All Time
September 26, 2016
For those of you who ARE NOT familiar with "Teen Win, Lose or Draw," here's an overview of this great Disney Channel game show that hardly anyone remembers.

"Teen Win, Lose or Draw" was a Disney Channel Original Game Show originally airing from April 29, 1989 - September 26, 1992.

Hosted by Marc Price (better known for his role as Irwin "Skippy" Handleman on the hit '80s sitcom "Family Ties"), "Teen Win, Lose or Draw" was created by Jay Wolpert and had 2 teams, each consisting of a Teen Celebrity Guest and 2 Teen Contestants per episode, compete in a Boys vs. Girls game where the object was to get their teammates to say certain words, names & phrases by drawing pictures. The team with the most money at game's end won a prize package e.g. a trip to U.S. Space Camp, while the runners-up won a cheaper prize package e.g. a Konica Camera, because "everybody is a winner on Teen Win, Lose or Draw."

Each game began with a Clue Puzzle Round where the teams had 60 seconds or less to guess a series of clues leading up to a famous subject e.g. "Gilligan's Island"; this was followed by a Phrase Round, where the teams had 60 seconds or less to communicate a Phrase from a category e.g. "No-Nos at Camp."

As with "Win, Lose or Draw" (which this game show spun off from), each game ended with a 90-second Speed Round to determine the Prize Package winners, and if time permitted at the end of each taping, an Audience Round was played where audience members would play for $25 Disney Dollars (later changed to a copy of the home game "Win, Lose or Draw Junior" originally made by the Milton Bradley Company).

The show's 1st season aired new episodes twice a week (Saturday nights at 6:30 P.M. ET/PT and Sunday mornings at 11 A.M. ET/PT) on Disney Channel and were taped at the then-new Disney-MGM Studios (now known as Disney's Hollywood Studios) in Orlando, Florida.

The 1st season also featured a rotation of Disney Channel Mouseketeers (Brandy Brown, Tiffini Hale & Chase Hampton, respectively) pulling double duty as the series' announcer.
In September 1990, "Teen Win, Lose or Draw" began airing new episodes every Saturday morning at 12 P.M. ET/PT on Disney Channel.

Simultaneously, Jay Wolpert left the show, and taping moved to Hollywood Center Studios in Los Angeles, California, with Stone Stanley Productions taking over as showrunners for Disney Channel.

Also, Mark Walberg (no confusion with Marky Mark, the rapper whose real name is Mark Wahlberg) became the show's permanent announcer.

Pictured above: Mark Walberg, courtesy of Internet Movie Database

While new episodes were airing Saturdays, Disney Channel repeated the 1st season of "Teen Win, Lose or Draw" weekday afternoons at 4:30 P.M. ET/PT from September 10, 1990 - November 2, 1990.

Now to personal memories of watching "Teen Win, Lose or Draw."

There was this one episode of this show I remember watching at age 7 where the Celebrity guests were Josie Davis ("Charles in Charge") & Scott Weinger ("Disney's Aladdin"). This particular episode I remember featured an Asian-American female contestant along with a tall, lanky Blonde female contestant playing alongside Josie as well as a Hindu-American male contestant and a red-headed male contestant playing alongside Scott. I also remember Mark Walberg mistakenly introduce Scott Weinger as "Scott Winger" at the beginning of the show's episode. I used to have this particular episode on VHS Tape, but the tape I had it on SADLY broke years ago and I'd LOVE, LOVE to see this episode again, so for those of you reading this who HAVE this episode, PLEASE upload it to YouTube for me, and I promise I will download the episode on DAY ONE to put on a home-made DVD for entertainment purposes only, NOT for Sale or Trade or related stuff.

In 2014, Disney Channel briefly brought back "Teen Win, Lose or Draw" as "Disney Win, Lose or Draw," with actor-magician Justin Willman serving as host and Disney Channel celebs competing.
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