What if a History of Trunks Series existed?

History of Trunks article
March 18, 2013
Hey guys, name's Bryant, last name Bradby. Imma' try to keep this brief. Some of the BEST stories ever done on tv (whether in Back 2 the Future, Butterfly Effect, Xmen, Spiderman, Justice League Unlimited, etc.) have been about Time Travel and Alternate Realities/parallell universes (with the ones done in the Star Trek series being the best/most in depth ones made out of the others.).

But the problem that I've had with most stories of those genres (especially with the alternate realities) is that we get 2 episodes to show alternate sides of familiar characters and MAYBE get like 4 episodes (as with the case of Justice League Unlimited) that touch a little more on early A.R. episodes, but that's usually it. I mean, what about showing EXACTLY how the X-Men characters faired in the "Days of Future's Past" & "One Man's Worth" timelines, or how was Spiderman: The Animated Series from the other realities points of view (as briefly seen in the last 2 episodes of that series), WHY Luthor decided to "give up power" to become president & how exactly did he kill flash, etc, etc, etc.

These pics are so bad ass.

These are questions that ALOT of us have asked during and after watching these episodes (that are still good in their own right) but still needed something a little more. Star Trek was best at doing this at showing the "evil" crew w/the goateed Spock in "Mirror Mirror" of the original series, then the 4 episodes in Deep Space Nine that showed the reprecussions of Mirror Mirror, then "In a Mirror Darkly" of Enterprise showed how all that got started w/the Vulcans getting shot by the early Terrans due to no Riker/Picard crew intervening in "the first contact" of that reality, leading to the planetary conquering, etc.

So here is a VERY IN-DEPTH look/outline into the alternate reality/timelines of Dragon Ball Z that I think should've been done and shown around 2006 when Teen Titans, Justice League Unlimited & Dragon Ball GT was originally on the air (on the original Toonami), which could've saved Toonami and brought it back to it's prime like it was in 2000-2001 (when Fox Kids & Kids' WB was neck-deep in second place behind Toonami).

It's a little something that I have finished, gotten copyrighted, got the paperwork, and am trying to get to get across on YouTube, Facebook, etc. So I would STRONGLY suggest taking a few more deep breathers, grab some food/drinks, get a chair, get REALLY comfortable, & enjoy an in depth look into a future.... that still was............

Dragon Ball Z: History of Trunks Series

History of Trunks saga (Part 1)

1 This saga would start after the Garlic Jr. Saga in Trunks’ timeline
2 The first episode would begin with the second American opening of DBZ, then a brief recap of the last few Garlic Jr. episodes.
3 Various elements of the Trunks and Androids Sagas from the main timeline would be incorporated with some of the filler scenes intact, and some left out or changed.
4 The Z Warriors would sense a massive power level like in the main timeline, thinking it is Goku, only to find out that it was Frieza and his father, King Cold.
5 This part of the episode in Trunks’ timeline would branch off and diverge from the main timeline, by Goku’s re-emergence to confront Frieza, King Cold, & their henchmen (instead of a “Future Trunks”.).
6 Goku would spare their (the soldiers’) lives by knockout them out.
7 Dialogue would pursue before Goku had transformed into a Super Saiyan once again with his peers & King Cold looking in amazement, & Frieza looking in fear.
8 Goku would give Frieza & King Cold a chance to leave Earth, but Frieza blinded by his rage, would fire a Supernova blast at Goku……. To no avail.
9 King Cold would step in to help Frieza & the fight would be almost even, until Goku would finish them off w/an Instant Kamehameha blast.
10 The Z Warriors would get closer to the scene to realize what had happened & thank Goku for returning and defeating Frieza & his father.
11 Goku would then go on to explain how he had escaped planet Namek.
12 During the story, Goku would also mention his visit to planet Yardrat & display his newfound Instant Transmission technique.
13 Some other dialogue would pursue with Bulma deciding to keep Frieza’s spaceship for her dad to study while keeping the henchmen as employees.

History of Trunks saga (Part 2)

1 A new scene would take place, starting with a welcome back dinner held for Goku (when the “Android Saga” supposed to have taken place).
2 They would enjoy the festivities until Vegeta would arrive on the scene in his Capsule Corp. spaceship from training on another planet.
3 Dialogue would pursue between Goku & Vegeta before both of them would decide to “settle it” in a mountain area.
4 Bulma and the Z Warriors would watch the fight being recorded via. robots sending a signal back to Capsule Corporation.
5 The battle would be fairly even before Goku would turn into a Super Saiyan which would “show boat” Vegeta into doing the same to everybody’s amazement.
6 Vegeta would then give a brief story on how he was able to obtain the transformation.
7 Vegeta would get more fatigued as the battle pursues, but the battle wouldn’t reach a climax until Goku would use an Instant Transmission Kamehameha to knock Vegeta down.
8 Goku would hold on to his Super Saiyan transformation a while longer while checking on Vegeta.
9 Vegeta would use a Solar Flare technique to (temporarily) blind Goku & manage to knock Goku a distance and knock (Goku) out of his Super Saiyan transformation.
10 At this point, both Goku & Vegeta are very exhausted.
11 Both fighters would then conclude the battle with a Kamehameha/Galick Gun beam struggle reminiscent of their first battle.
12 For the first time Vegeta would use a Kaioken esque technique to even his current power level with Goku to the point where the beam struggle would explode, knocking both fighters unconscious, to where the other Z warriors would have to pick them up.
13 It would later be concluded that their battle had turned out a draw due to the early symptoms of Goku’s heart virus giving Vegeta an even playing field.
14 Goku’s current state of condition wouldn’t dramatically affect him until the end of their fight with Meta-Cooler.

History of Trunks saga (Part 3)

1 The only changes in the “Return of Cooler” episodes in Trunks’ timeline would be the fact that Goku had to power down from his Super Saiyan state towards the end of the fight to save energy.
2 The fight between Super Saiyan Goku & Vegeta and the 1000 Meta-Coolers would be shown in its entirety, until the Saiyans are knocked out to be brought to the Big Gete Star.
3 Super Saiyan Vegeta & Kaioken x2 Goku would overpower the Big Gete Star, before Vegeta (in his normal state) & Goku (still in his Kaioken x2 state) would both finish Cooler off w/a final energy blast.
4 This episode would start with Goku & the gang at Capsule Corporation, with Bulma diagnosing Goku with the deadly heart virus.
5 This scene would then lead to another, of Android 19 and a human Dr. Gero at his lab, while this scene would then consist of flashbacks of how Goku had defeated the Red Ribbon Army & how Gero had escaped.
6 Dr. Gero would then reveal to Android 19 that it was he who created the heart virus so Goku’s defeat would be easier to obtain.
7 The flashback episode would forward to Dr. Gero creating all the androids up to #19, Cell, & the spy (fly-sized) robots.
8 This flashback scene would then forward to “Androids” # 17 & 18 in their original human forms thus revealing their origins, lives, and NAMES before the human Gero ordered #19 to capture them.
9 Gero would then have #17 & 18’s memories erased then have them converted into “androids”. (End of flashback)
10 Goku’s virus would worsen with the senzu beans having a lessening effect each time they are used, to where Bulma would diagnose the heart virus as fatal with currently no cure.
11 Dr. Gero would have his first squabble with #17 & 18 before Gero was pressured into putting them to sleep. Gero would then have number 19 convert himself into an “android”.
(Note: Since Trunks’ timeline is where these events first happened, the Z Warriors would have no fore-knowledge of any androids, and there would be no interference during Androids 19 & 20’s first known attack on the human populace.)
12 Since Gero wasn’t forced to prematurely awaken 17 & 18, he would use the extra time on his hands to remove the rest of 17 & 18’s human emotions!
13 Time would pass and the condition of Goku’s heart virus would reach its dramatic climax. This episode would begin with an episode recap, and continue similar to the beginning of the History of Trunks movie.

14 A funeral service would be held (after Bulma examines his body, and coming up w/the idea of an antidote & time travel) w/Goku’s friends & family mourning afterwards.
15 A series of mourning & comforting Gohan’s family takes place while Goku & others watch on from King Kai’s planet.
16 Dr. Gero would deactivate Android 19, and then destroy the rest of the androids up to android 16.
17 He would then activate 17 & 18, & (while Gero was still working on Cell) they would destroy him after being awakened due to their absent emotions.
18 17 & 18 would temporarily ponder what to do before going to an island to start chaos.
19 The other Z fighters would sense the energy attacks while Kami warns Piccolo NOT to join the fight (because his death would nullify the earth dragonballs), but Piccolo refuses Kami’s order and rushes to the island anyway.
20 The fight between the Z Fighters and the Androids would be shown in a better way than it was in the History of Trunks movie special, w/the Z Fighters arriving on the island almost in a group, but would die in the same or similar fashion as in the movie.
21 This episode would end after the Z fighters’ arrival.

History of Trunks saga (Part 4)

1. This episode would open w/the same theme and intro from the second DBZ opening except w/added or switched scenes from future episodes of this series.
2. There would be an episode recap, and then this episode would start w/the Z Fighters’ arrival on the island w/Piccolo taking off his weighted clothing. (Note: The great intensity of this whole fight would obviously be shown in this episode, and would be greater than the first fight between the androids and the z fighters in the regular timeline).
3. Piccolo would tell Gohan to hide (before proceeding to take off his weights.).
4. Piccolo and the human fighters would proceed to take on 18 while 17 sits from afar to watch the fight.
5. After a few minutes 18 knocks all of the human fighters out while Piccolo barely manages to stay in the fight (even though 18’s hiding her full strength up until this point.).
6. Gohan eventually intervenes against Piccolo’s wishes and dukes it out w/18 for a few seconds (while Piccolo catches his breath and the human fighters wake up) until 18 knocks out Gohan (thinking he is dead) then Piccolo intervenes before 18 could deliver the finishing energy blast.
7. Piccolo throws Gohan somewhere safe before facing 18 one last time
8. At this time the fight would continue and 18 is about to deliver the final blow to Piccolo (while Piccolo is getting more fatigued) when Vegeta intervenes and states that “I will not let you make a mockery out of the Saiyan Race”, then allows Piccolo to catch his breath before the most of the human fighters re-arrive on the scene and Vegeta proceeds to turn into a Super Saiyan.
9. The warriors gain the advantage before 17 interferes and takes on the human fighters, while 18 knocks SSJ Vegeta afar distance.
10. Piccolo then shoots a Special Beam Cannon at 18 and the blast doesn’t damage her much to Piccolo’s shock and disappointment, then 18 states that she’s had enough of this and appears in front of Piccolo and after a dramatic pause, proceeds to deliver various death blows to Piccolo.
11. Before the final blow is given, Kami would intervene by knocking 18 a short distance then proceeds to transfer his energy to Piccolo (so Piccolo can be earth’s guardian and the dragons ball won’t nullify if he survives this fight), then fuses w/him. Due to Piccolo’s almost depleted energy that was lost during the fight, and Kami using A LOT of his energy flying to the fight and knocking 18 out of the way, Piccolo’s strength would only be restored to 50% (due to the lack of time that Kami had to get senzu beans from Korin).
12. The Super Namek x2 Piccolo (being aware of his obsolete power level compared to the androids even after fusing w/Kami,) would gather the rest of his energy (and most of his life energy) into a “Hellzone Grenade” attack. He then uses it on 18 before she could shield herself and causes a bit more damage than his Special Beam Cannon did earlier.
13. Eighteen at this point would be very pissed that Piccolo was able to damage her, and chases after him, then proceeds to deliver 2 more punches/shots to Piccolo’s mid-section, before delivering the final blow killing him.
14. Vegeta , in and out of his regular Super Saiyan form (he hadn’t become “Super Vegeta” yet) while gathering energy (including most of his life force) during Piccolo’s fight w/18, unleashes his Final Flash attack on 18 doing more damage than Piccolo’s Hellzone Grenade attack did causing a little more damage.
15. 18 then grows tired of this fight and after the smoke clears from Vegeta’s attack proceeds to deliver a HARD blow to Vegeta’s mid-section which causes him to lose his Super Saiyan transformation, then delivers the death blow which kills him.
16. The scene shifts back to the fight w/17, showing that the human fighters are holding their own against 17, Yamcha uses a Solar Flare technique on 17 and moves out of the way then Tien uses a series of Tri-Beam attacks from the air causing damage.
17. 17 would be almost as damaged as 18 at this point then Yamcha delivers his Spirit Ball Attack on 17 causing a little more damage.
18. 18 then arrives to save 17 and proceeds to deliver a death blow to Yamcha, Chiaotzu, and then Tien after he delivers one final Tri Beam Cannon after witnessing his friends’ deaths.
19. Krillin would then wake up and see most of his friends dead and before he could escape, he turns around and 17 & 18 delivers a double finger beam attack to Krillin’s eyes, killing him.
20. The androids, thinking that all of the Z Fighters were now dead fleas away to their home location.
21. The last scene in this episode shows a much damaged Gohan arriving at Capsule Corp. much to the shock of Roshi, Chi Chi, and Bulma then the episode ends.
22. The episode starts with a very worried Z crew while Bulma & Chi-Chi attends a healing Gohan.
23. Korin then arrives at Capsule Corp. w/his last senzu bean bag, explaining that Yajirobe barely managed to distract 17 & 18 for Korin to escape before they destroyed most of the lookout, Korin’ s tower, & killed Popo & the people at Upa’s village. (This would be shown via a flashback scene). Korin would mention that Gohan & Trunks are Earth’s last hope since the earth’s dragonballs are nullified & it would be too risky to travel to Namek (to use their balls), and use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
24. Korin would also instruct to use the senzu beans wisely.
25. Dialogue would pursue before Chi Chi, Bulma, & the gang would go over & recover the Z-Fighters’ dead bodies to bury them.
26. Bulma would go & work on the time machine & the antidote while Chi Chi mourns, regretting all the times that she had forbid Gohan to train & insists that he go train w/Bulma’s equipment.
27. Some other scenes would take place w/Gohan rescuing different people, barely escaping the Androids, slowly getting stronger.
28. Time would pass until Bulma starts training Trunks w/her equipment.

The Tapion Saga

1. This saga would start w/an alternate version of the Buu era opening.
2. The “Wrath of the Dragon” episode takes place while the Androids spend a whole day opening the box and frees Tapion and Hirudegarn, after the androids kill the wizard.
3. Tapion barely manages to seal Hirudegarn’s top half before the Androids knock him unconscious.
4. Trunks & Bulma recover Tapion & take him back to Capsule Corporation for him to recover.
5. Tapion would proceed to tell his story & the gang would figure that the extra destruction was caused by Hirudegarn and not the Androids.
6. Tapion would finish recovering and would train/bond with Trunks hence how Trunks was “this far along” when Gohan started to train him.
7. Tapion would mention to Trunks that it would be dangerous to release Hirudegarn on the Androids because nobody would be strong enough to stop him.
8. Trunks & Tapion would continue to train, while Gohan continues to fight the Androids until he nearly dies. He then transforms into a Super Saiyan. The episode ends.

Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan Movie
1. This movie would open with the Buu era esque movie opening.
2. The Nameks are sensing high power levels thinking that it’s from Earth & that it’s coming to them.
3. Babidi, Dabura, Majin Paragus, & Majin Broly arrive and wipe out most of the population except the Namek guardian and Dende.
4. Babidi explains how he’s searching to find energy to revive Majin Buu because Earth had no energy last time he was there.
5. Supreme Kai, Kabito, Goku, & Vegeta arrive and Paragus explains the history between them, & recaps how Babidi found them & “set them free”.
6. Vegeta states that Paragus is still a slave before Paragus replies sarcastically that Vegeta has “room to talk” & powers up & attacks Vegeta.
7. Broly powers up to Majin SSJ2 (which is faster & slightly stronger than SSJ2 Goku) & attacks Goku while Babidi & Dabura fights the Kais.
8. Dialogue pursues between Paragus & Vegeta before Vegeta turns SSJ1 & kills Paragus.
9. After a hard fought battle, Supreme Kai kills Babidi & helps Kabito convince Dabura to stop fighting.
10. The Majin seal is lifted from Broly but he continues to fight Goku until Goku turns SSJ3 which prompts Broly to do the same.
11. Broly has the upper hand until Goku uses Kaioken (against his better judgment, and the transformation lasts shortly) then Goku tires & powers down to SSJ2.
12. The Kais & Dabura try to convince Broly to stop but he knocks them all out.
13. Vegeta joins in & turns SSJ2 & helps Goku.
14. The fight is almost one sided until Piccolo shoots a Special Beam Cannon distracting Broly, then Goku & Vegeta both turn SSJ3 & overpower Broly then kills him.
15. The movie ends with Dabura apologizing for all of the damage before everybody departs. End of Movie.
Tapion Saga (part 2)

1. Gohan fully rejuvenates and tries to end the fight quickly & has the slight element of surprise. He then gets beaten out of SSJ but continues to fight.
2. Trunks refuses to kill Tapion to prevent Hirudegarn’s release, but they both sense Gohan’s fading energy.
3. Tapion knocks Trunks out, leaves his sword behind, & flies away.
4. 17 & 18’s about to deliver the final blow to a badly damaged Gohan, then Tapion arrives & tells Gohan to leave, then proceeds to fight the Androids to the death.
5. The Androids underestimate Tapion & the fight lasts a little while (17 questions where “these other fighters” are coming from) before the Androids gain the upper hand, killing him.
6. Trunks is sleep while Bulma watches him, then Gohan arrives at Capsule Corp. and the episode ends.
7. A few more episodes of the Tapion saga take place.
8. Gohan would fight 17 & 18 one last time, before getting killed.
9. Trunks would heal after his fight with 17 & 18 then leaves off in his time machine, & the episode ends.

Androids Saga

1. This saga would go back to the first opening for this series.
2. The next episode would start in timeline 4, condensing its first few Trunks saga episodes into about 3 episodes.
3. Three condensed episodes of the Androids – Imperfect Cell sagas would take place.
4. The beginning of the Perfect Cell saga would diverge from its normal timeline counterpart with Krillin using the remote to deactivate 18 because that was the only one available/made for Trunks to take to timeline 3.
5. Cell would now be stuck in his Semi-perfect form, allowing Super Vegeta to finish him off.
6. Goku & Gohan would emerge from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and be greeted by Vegeta & Trunks who would reveal Cell’s defeat.
7. A ten day rest period of reminescenting & relaxation would take place before Shenron brings back Cell’s victims & Timeline 3’s Trunks says his goodbyes.
(Note: No Cell Games=Goku’s Alive=a somewhat slower progression of Goku & Gohan, no Goku sacrifice=No “Bojack Unbound”, & Trunks not going in the H.B.T.C a second time.=a weaker Trunks, No Cell Games means that Hercule wouldn’t acquaint
himself w/the Z Fighters until the Martial Arts Tournament a year after the Androids Saga.)
8. A martial arts tournament takes place w/Piccolo beating Krillin, Tien beating Yamcha, Gohan beating Roshi, SSJ2 Goku beating Super Vegeta, Piccolo beating Tien, SSJ2 Gohan beating SSJ2 Goku, SSJ1 Gohan beating Piccolo, & SSJ2 Gohan beats Hercule & becomes the new Martial Arts Champion. This would lead to Hercule’s retirement.

9. Due to Trunks not going into the H.B.T.C. a 2nd time, his SSJ form wouldn’t be as strong when fighting Cell after he deactivated the Androids in timeline 3. (Note: Timeline 4’s 16 would be repaired, 17 would be wished back, & 18 is re-activated at this point, Bulma would remove the bombes from 16, 17, & 18, & 17 & 18’s original memories would be restored by Bulma.)

World Tournament/Babidi saga

1. This saga would go back to the Buu era opening.
2. In timeline 4, Gohan would be stronger & Vegeta would be a Super Saiyan 2 at this point. The Babidi saga would go differently.
3. Vegeta would not go Majin & Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, & the Supreme Kai would kill Babidi, Dabura, & Majin Buu. Buu would later be reincarnated into Uub like in the series.
4. The absorbed Kais would be freed.
5. Kabito & the other other Kais that were killed by Dabura/Majin Buu would later be wished back.
6. King Yemma would let Dabura stay in the Other World.
7. The (what would’ve been the) Majin Buu, Fusion, & Kid Buu sagas go differently.
8. Gohan would win the Martial Arts Tournament & retain his championship title.
9. Broly: The Second Coming takes place w/SSJ2 Goku, SSJ2 Vegeta, SSJ2 Gohan, & SSJ1 Goten and Trunks delivering the combined beam finish. (Note: Highlights of timeline 4’s Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan & Bio-Broly movies would show during the end credits of the Second Coming movie.)
10. Goku doesn’t know the fusion technique and Old Kai/The Z Sword isn’t freed.
11. The Fusion Reborn episodes would take place.
12. Pikkon and Dabura would be the finalists in the Other World Tournament, with Dabura (barely) winning against Pikkon (with Pikkon being stuck in a stone state due to Dabura’s spit). The incident in hell would happen, with various villains escaping to earth.
13. Semi-Perfect Cell would be seen trying to absorb 18 then 17 kicks Cell out of the way.
14. Cell fights 17 & 18 briefly (with 17 & 18 doing fairly), before Cell stops.
15. 16 would then tap Cell on the shoulder and punch him a distance, while stating that “I couldn’t let you two have all the fun”.
16. The three would proceed to fight a very pissed off Cell before 16 grabs Cell and throws him into a hole. 16 would then stand a short distance from Cell, gathering energy for his Hell Flash attack, while 17 & 18 is positioned (similar to how they were in Trunks’ timeline before killing Gohan) in the sky, gathering energy.
17. 16, 17, & 18 then finishes off Cell with a combined energy attack.
18. Dr. Gero would lead an attack in a city with Androids 13, 14, 15, 19, & Yakon.
19. An energy blast would shoot to the area, destroying Gero, (stating that they need to find something else to do w/their afterlife).
20. 14, 15, & 19 charges at Vegeta, only to get blown to bits.
21. Vegeta would then toy around with 13 before Yakon holds him.
22. Vegeta powers up and destroys Yakon, while 13 absorbs the chips of 14, 15, 19, & Gero, and transforms into Super Android 13 (which has physical characters of all the absorbed androids, and is almost equivalent to a Super Saiyan 2.)
23. Vegeta then fights the new 13 in his normal state and has a slight disadvantage.
24. The two then clash in a beam struggle between 13’s signature orb attack and Vegeta’s Galick Gun.
25. Vegeta loses the beam struggle but is only slightly damaged. He then grows angry… and bored, then turns Super Saiyan 2 (much to the shock and fear of Super 13).
26. 13 then charges at Vegeta and Vegeta delivers a Final Shine Attack and completely obliterates 13 before the android had a chance to touch Vegeta again.
27. Gohan, Hercule, & Videl would be shown defeating the rest of the villains near Frieza, until Frieza’s the only one left. (Bojack and his crew are still imprisoned in this timeline).
28. Cooler (final form), Meta-Cooler, & King Cold appears to even the odds.
29. Before Gohan, Hercule, & Videl proceeds to fight Frieza & his family… Piccolo makes a dramatic entrance (using a special beam cannon) and joins the Z-Crew.
30. Hercule easily gets pummeled to a distance by King Cold, and stays out of the fight.
31. Gohan gives Videl and Piccolo a chance to shine and stays in his normal state.
32. Videl fights King Cold, Piccolo fights Frieza (100% Full Power) & Cooler (Final Form), and Gohan (normal state) fights Meta-Cooler, with the Z-Fighters holding their own.
33. King Cold eventually knocks Videl unconscious before joining his sons in a group (with King Cold transforming into his 100% full powered state).
34. They fight as a group and eventually tires out Piccolo, before Gohan skips to his Super Saiyan 2 state and defeats Frieza and his family.
35. Dabura, Pikkon, Goku, Vegeta, & Gohan would meet up and go to the Other World to lure Janempa to hell, & Goku turns SSJ3 for the first time. Dabura, Pikkon, SSJ3 Goku, & SSJ 2 Gohan and Vegeta would finish off Janempa before he could transform into Janemba.
36. Goten, Trunks, Tien, Yamcha, Roshi, and a recovered Videl, Hercule, & Piccolo would defeat the rest of the escaped villains before the Other World situation is under control.

37. SSJ3 Goku, Vegeta, & Gohan would defeat Hirudegarn & Gohan never goes “Mystic”.
38. The future Kid Buu episodes would condense the last 3 episodes of the saga.
39. Timeline 4 Goku would make it to the finals of the martial arts tournament, and lose to Gohan.
40. Gohan would retain his championship belt & Goku would leave w/Uub after the final festivities.
41. Since the “Majin Buu, Fusion, & Kid Buu” sagas go differently, Bee the dog dies from his injuries (offscreen).

History of Trunks Saga (part 5)

1. This saga would go back to the first opening.
2. Highlights of Timeline 2’s Cell games to the Timeline 1’s Androids & Cell’s defeat would be shown.
3. Timeline 3’s Bulma would be shown grieving over the Z Fighters’ graves (before proceeding to a flashback of timeline 3’s Trunks’ battle & death against Cell) until Timeline 1’s Bulma & Trunks arrive to comfort her.
4. They would bring Dende to Earth to be its guardian & wish everybody back w/the dragon balls.
5. Goku would discuss their afterlife adventures & how thy defeated Broly, Paragus, Babidi, & Dabura.
6. Timeline 1’s Trunks would discuss his adventures with the others while the Bulmas look on in happiness.
7. Before timeline 1 Trunks heads off to his timeline, a Baby controlled Dr. Myuu would arrive w/General Rilldo & the Sigma Force.
8. Goku would already know about Baby’s signature technique and destroy him and Dr. Myuu
9. Rilldo would fuse w/the Sigma Force & Timelines’ 1 & 3 Trunks would damage Rilldo, disabling him from his Sigma Force attachments (& destroys the Sigma force), then Timeline 3 Vegeta would kill Rilldo.
10. Timeline 1 Trunks and Bulma would say their goodbyes & the episode ends.

Baby Saga

1. This series would open w/DBGT’s English “Hold My Hand” opening w/the original FUNimation GT background music during the show, recaps, previews, & end credits.
2. 16 would be there to protect Hercule instead of the fat Majin Buu.
3. In timeline 4 Baby would have taken control of Gohan (instead of Vegeta) & would be a lot stronger. Baby’s egg has control over Vegeta, and plans to destroy him after the universe is COMPLETELY taken over.
4. Kabito would discover Goku’s tail bone and help Goku to stretch it out.
5. Uub (in and out of his Kaioken transformation) would barely manage to stall Baby. Goku would eventually arrive to help Uub fight Baby.
6. Uub & SSJ3 Kid Goku would eventually gain the advantage over SSJ3 Baby Gohan once Vegeta, Goten, Trunks, Pan, & Bulla’s freed from Baby’s control (thanks to Supreme Kai & Kabito using the sacred qodesh water while Uub and Goku was fighting Baby), which would prompt Baby Bulma to use the blutz waves to turn SSJ3 Baby into a great ape.
7. They would only win because the other Z Warriors distracted Great Ape Baby while SSJ3 Goku blows off Great Ape Baby’s tail while Baby escapes and the Saiyans deliver the final beam finish on Baby into the sun. The rest of earth’s populace would recover thanks to the sacred qodesh water.
8. The earth’s populace would still migrate to Planet Tuffle before earth explodes and Piccolo still dies. The rest of the universe who was controlled by Baby is eventually released from their bondage via the Qodesh Water while the Namek dragon balls are being gathered to wish back the earth. Tien beats Yamcha, Hercule beats Videl, Bulla beats Pan, Papaya Man (Uub) beats Piccolo, Tien beats Hercule, Uub beats Bulla, Uub beats Tien, & Gohan beats Uub & retains his championship title.

Super 17 Saga

1. Vegeta, Uub, Goten, Trunks, Pan, Bulla, 18 & Krillin, 16 & Hercule, Tien and Yamcha would be shown defeating all of the escaped villians on Earth.
2. Uub would defeat all of the Saibamen, while Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, Pan & Bulla defeats the Ginyu Force and Cooler’s Armored Squadron.
3. Goten & Trunks fights Cooler, Meta-Cooler, & King Cold (Final Form 100%) and eventually defeats them after turning Super Saiyan.
4. Gohan defeats Yakon, General Rilldo, The Sigma Force, and Androids 13, 14, 15, & 19 before they could combine.
5. Vegeta runs into Turles, Raditz, Nappa, and Paragus and defeats them w/ease.
6. Vegeta then turns Super Saiyan 2 when Broly shows up, which prompts Broly to do the same (for the first time onscreen in this timeline). Vegeta actually tires before turning Super Saiyan 3 to beat him.
7. Vegeta powers down before running into Dr. Myuu, Dr Gero, & the new Android 17 (like in the regular series).
8. Goku would go down to hell to fight Frieza in his 100% Full Powered State and Semi-Perfect Cell.
9. Goku would eventually defeat Cell and Frieza like in timeline 2 after going to the lower part of hell.
10. The Z Fighters would be stronger against Super Android 17 (due to more of the energy that was given to 17 in the fight) and Vice Versa.
11. Goku would escape hell thanks to Piccolo & Dabura’s help and fights Super 17 alone while the other Z warriors regain consciousness (King Yemma gave Piccolo permission to go to hell and Piccolo goes back to the other world with Dabura after Goku returns to earth).
12. Androids 16 & 18 would distract Super 17 with energy blasts while the Saiyans deliver the final blow to 17 with a combined beam finish after Goku uses his dragon fist technique (before Goku falls unconscious).

Shadow Dragons Saga

1. Vegeta would go w/Trunks, Goten, Pan, Bulla, Uub, Gohan, & Goku to fight the Shadow Dragons.
2. Goten, Trunks, & Uub would have a little trouble w/Haze Shenron but would eventually defeat him without Trunks & Goten going Super Saiyan.
3. Pan and Bulla would defeat Oceanus Shenron with a Kamehameha/Galick Gun finish.
4. Vegeta who had defeated Naturon Shenron at first sight would encounter Rage Shenron who Gohan has trouble fighting.
5. Vegeta arrives on the scene and reminds Gohan about the task at hand and both of them turn Super Saiyan 3 and eventually defeats Rage Shenron before it starts to rain.
6. The Saiyans would meet up in a city after defeating the first 4 shadow dragons before encountering/sensing Eis Shenron.

7. Bulla & Pan would go Super Saiyan for the first time.
8. Eis Shenron would have the upper hand and would be about to kill Pan & Bulla w/an energy blast when Tien, Yamcha, & Krillin deflects it with a Tri Beam/Spirit Ball/Kamehameha combination attack.
9. Eis would set his sights on Tien, Yamcha, & Krillin before Androids 16 & 18 intervenes and saves them.
10. All this would give the Z warriors time to power up with Pan & Bulla turning Super Saiyan 1, Goten & Trunks turning Super Saiyan 2, Uub, Tien, Krillin, Yamcha, 16 & 18 powers up, & Vegeta & Gohan turn Super Saiyan 3.
11. Eis Shenron would knock the humans & 18 a distance while 16 (who is a lot stronger than his timeline 2 counterpart) grabs Eis from behind & holds him, which allows SSJ
Bulla & Pan, SSJ 2 Goten & Trunks, Uub (in his Kaioken transformation), & SSJ3 Gohan & Vegeta to power up to their maximum and defeat Eis Shenron with a combined beam finish, killing Eis AND 16 in the process.
12. The fight would be well drawn out, and would be about even between Goku & Nuova Shenron, before Goku turns Super Saiyan 3 and Nuova transforms into his final state.
13. Nuova would almost deliver the final blow before Goku uses a solar flare and flies in the sky and delivers a SSJ 3 level dragon fist attack on Nuova but doesn’t kill him.
14. Goku didn’t kill Nuova because he had sensed a great level of honor within him and instead gives his remaining senzu bean (that he kept the whole time) to Nuova healing him.
15. Syn Shenron would appear and shoot a death beam at Nuova and removes the dragonball from him.
16. The other Z Fighters would arrive to help Goku fight Syn and would have a slight advantage until Syn had absorbed the dragon balls & proceeds to pummel the Z Fighters.
17. Bulma would then shoot blutz waves via space satellites to heal 18, Tien, Yamcha, Krillin, & Uub.
18. The blutz waves would also turn Pan, Bulla, Goten, Trunks, Gohan, Vegeta, & Goku into Great Apes (with Trunks being a grey ape and Bulla into a blue ape).
19. The non-saiyans stand a distance while the saiyans power up (which intimidates Omega Shenron) until all of the Great Apes turn into golden great apes.
20. The great apes fight Omega for a short period, before they regain their original consciousness and revert to new transformations.
21. Pan & Bulla turn into SSJ2s, Goten & Trunks into SSJ3s, & Goku, Gohan, & Vegeta into SSJ4s (with Gohan being a half bred Saiyan, turning SSJ4 w/Gold hair & fur instead of black hair & red fur).
22. The Saiyans would have a slight advantage (due to Omega Shenron holding back his full strength) until Omega pummels them, knocking the human fighters unconscious and eventually reverting most of the other fighters back into their normal states.
23. Nuova Shenron (who was playing possum) would grab Omega from behind and would self-destruct, severely crippling Omega back into his previous (Syn Shenron) state, the earth dragon balls (including Syn Shenron’s) would be destroyed, and Nuova had died in the process.
24. Even with Syn Shenron’s crippled power level, the Z-Fighters w/their almost depleted energy would be no match for Syn.
25. Seeing this, Bulma activates the Blutz Waves Satellites to channel more waves to rejuvenate the fighters but Syn Shenron sees this and blocks the connection, rejuvenating himself and destroys the satellites.
26. Syn then proceeds to pummel the warriors to where Goku dies, which would enrage the other warriors to power up (with the Saiyans powering to Super Saiyan 2).
27. The fighters put up a fairly decent fight before Syn Shenron grows bored and knocks them unconscious.
28. He takes time to think, then realizes that Namek is the only planet in the solar system left w/dragon balls, so Syn proceeds to fly to the planet after destroying the earth.
29. The Z Warriors get acquainted in Other World for a short time because Syn Shenron reaches Namek quickly which doesn’t give the Z-Crew much time to come up with a battle strategy.

30. Adult Goku (from King Kai’s planet) gathers energy from every resident in Other World, & the rest of the universe.
31. Towards the end of the gathering, Piccolo, Dabura, and Nuova Shenron appears in King Yemma’s domain to give Goku their energy.
32. After Syn Shenron absorbs the Namek Dragon Balls but before he destroys Namek, Goku instant transmits above him.
33. Omega Shenron then shoots a Negative Karma Ball at Goku, only to find out that it was an afterimage copy.
34. This gives Goku just enough time to appear above Omega in person, on Namek, to launch the spirit bomb.
35. Omega Shenron is still strong enough to hold the Spirit Bomb with Goku struggling to execute the attack in his normal state.
36. Goku slowly transforms into all of his states. First into Kaioken, then SSJ1, SSJ2, then SSJ3.
37. Goku then uses the light of the Spirit Bomb to transform into a SSJ3 Golden Great Ape. It is almost even now between Omega and SSJ3 Goku, while Goku has some last reminiscent thoughts.
38. Goku then transforms into SSJ4 before giving his final words to Omega Shenron.
39. Goku then powers up to his Kaioken transformation while in his SSJ4 state, then launches the Spirit Bomb, which obliterates Omega and nearly destroys Namek.
40. Goku would stay in the present time, & ALL of the Z Fighters & family would be alive after the 100 year gap. The Saiyans keep their tails. Many dead people including the Saiyans, Planet Earth’s inhabitants, the Planet Plants’ inhabitants (before the Saiyans took over), the Namekians (including the ones who weren’t wished back at the end of the Frieza saga, & the ones who originally inhabited the planet before it was mostly wiped out by the tornado), Piccolo (without the Black Star Dragon Balls), Dabura, Pikkon, Android 16, the ORIGINAL Android 17, & Nuova Shenron would be wished back by Porunga.
41. The earth dragon balls would not be wished back.

Power Level Comparisons

Marron (aged only 30% as much as her present self) (Timeline 4) = SSJ1 Goku (End of Cell Games Saga)
Pan (with tail) (aged only 25% as much as her present self) (Timeline 4) = Goku (Buu era)
• SSJ = SSJ Goku (Buu era)
• SSJ2 = SSJ2 Goku (Buu era)
• SSJ3 = SSJ3 Goku (Buu era)
Bulla (with tail) (aged only 25% as much as her present self) (Timeline 4) = Goku (Buu era end)
• SSJ = SSJ Goku (Buu era end)
• SSJ2 = SSJ2 Goku (Buu end)
• SSJ3 = SSJ3 Goku (Buu end)
Yamcha (aged only 50% as much as his present self) (Timeline 4) = SSJ Goku (Buu era)
Piccolo (Timeline 4) = Super Buu
Tien (Timeline 4) = Janemba
Goku jr (Timeline 2) = Trunks (Androids Saga end)
• SSJ = SSJ Trunks (Android Saga end, before Hyperbolic Time Chamber)
Vegeta jr (Timeline 2) = Goku (Imperfect Cell Saga after healing from the heart virus)
• SSJ = SSJ Goku (Imperfect Cell Saga)
• USSJ1 = USSJ1 Goku (Perfect Cell Saga during H.B.T.C. training)
Goku jr (with tail) (Timeline 4) = Trunks (Cell era end)
• SSJ = SSJ Trunks (Cell end)
• SSJ2 = USSJ2 Trunks (Cell end)
Vegeta jr (with tail) (Timeline 4) = Vegeta (Cell end)
• SSJ = SSJ Vegeta (Cell end)
• SSJ2 = SSJ 2 Gohan (Bojack Unbound)
• SSJ3 = Super Buu (Piccolo/SSJ3 Gotenks absorbed/Baby Vegeta form 2)
Trunks (long hair/no goatee or tail) (Timeline 1) = Vegeta (Buu era)
• SSJ = Majin Vegeta (SSJ1)
• SSJ2 = Majin Vegeta (SSJ2)
Trunks (short hair/no goatee or tail) (Timeline 2) = Goku (Buu era)
• SSJ = SSJ Goku (Buu era)
• SSJ2 = SSJ2 Goku (Buu era)
Trunks (short hair/no goatee or tail) (Timeline 3) = Goku (Buu end)
• SSJ = SSJ Goku (Buu end)
• SSJ2 = SSJ2 Goku (Buu end)
• SSJ3 = SSJ3 Goku (Buu end)
Trunks (long hair/with goatee & tail) (Timeline 4) = Goku (Shadow Dragons Saga)
• SSJ = SSJ Goku (Shadow Dragons Saga)
• SSJ2 = SSJ2 Goku (Shadow Dragons Saga)
• Great Ape/SSJ3 = Super Buu (Piccolo/Goten & Trunks/Mystic Gohan absorbed)/Baby Vegeta form 3)
• SSJ4 (w/silver hair & fur) = Nuova Shenron (final form)/SSJ3 Vegeto (Fusion Saga)/SSJ4 Goku (post Omega Shenron fight)
Gohan (mullet tied in ponytail & w/a tail) (Timeline 4) = Janembe/SSJ3 Goku (Buu end)/SSJ Goku (Shadow Dragons Saga)
• SSJ = Super Buu (Piccolo/Goten & Trunks absorbed [after Gotenks fusion wore off])
• SSJ2 = SSJ3 Goku (Shadow Dragons Saga)
• SSJ3 = Nuova Shenron (1st form)
• Kaioken SSJ3 = SSJ4 Goku (Shadow Dragons Saga)
• Great Ape SSJ3 (w/o Kaioken) = Omega Shenron (w/o the 3 & 4-Star Balls)
• Great Ape SSJ3 (with Kaioken) = Omega Shenron (w/o the 4-Star Ball)
• SSJ4 = SSJ4 Goku (Shadow Dragons Saga)
Videl (aged only 40 % as much as her present self) (Timeline 4) = Goku (Super 17 Saga)
Hercule (Cell era) (Timeline 4) = Goku (Buu era)
Hercule (during 100 year lapse, w/full hair who only ages half as much as his present self) (Timeline 4) = Goku (post Omega Shenron fight)
Sixteen (Timeline 4) = Kid Buu /SSJ3 Goku (Buu era)
Seventeen (Timeline 4) = SSJ2 Goku (Buu era)
Eighteen (Timeline 4) = SSJ Goku (Buu era)
Eighter (Timeline 4) = Kaioken x20 Goku (Frieza Saga)
Nuova Shenron (Timeline 4) = Nuova Shenron (final form) (Shadow Dragons Saga)
• Final Form = Omega Shenron
Uub (aged only 25% as much as his present day self) (Timeline 4) = SSJ4 Goku (post Baby fight)
Majuub (aged only 10% as much as his present day self) (Timeline 2) = SSJ4 Goku (post Omega Shenron fight)
Goten (Timeline 4) (w/mullet & tail) = Goku (Buu era end)
• SSJ = SSJ Goku (Buu end)
• SSJ2 = SSJ2 Goku (Buu end)
• SSJ3 = SSJ3 Goku (Buu end)
• Kaioken SSJ3 = SSJ4 Goku (post Baby fight)
Krillin (aged only half as much as his present self) (Timeline 4) (w/hair in ponytail & w/goatee) = Goku (Buu era)
Roshi (Timeline 4) = Goku (after Cell jr fight)
• Full Power Form = Goku (Buu end)
• Full Power Form (Kaioken) = Goku (post Omega Shenron fight)
Pikkon (Timeline 4) = SSJ3 Goku (Buu end)
Dabura (Timeline 4) = SSJ3 Goku (Buu era)
North, South, & Kibito Kais (Timeline 4) = SSJ2 Goku (Buu end)
East & West Supreme Kais (Timeline 4) = SSJ2 Majin Vegeta

42. Bulma (Timeline 4) would hold a picnic gathering at the Capsule Corporation site, with the majority of the Z Crew from Timeline 4 joining the festivities.
43. Three big time machines would then appear in the sky, with a faded Roshi (Timeline 4) joking to Krillin (Timeline 4) that UFOs are landing.
44. Various figures would then appear in the sky beside the time machines. The scene would then reveal to the audience that the figures are the various memebers of the Z-Crew from the first 3 realities/timelines.
45. Various versions of our beloved characters would then commence in conversation, revealing to the audience that exact events transpired in all 4 timelines up until Frieza’s appearance on Earth. Then similar events happened until the Android conflict, then events happened drastically different afterwards.
46. The scenes would also reveal that every other odd numbered timeline would be virtually the same, except that Timeline 1’s Trunks was the only version of himself that didn’t die against his own reality’s version of Cell. Plus the characters in Timeline 2 were the only ones who participated in a Cell games, fought the various newer versions of Majin Buu, & the only ones (at the time) to learn fusion.
47. Goku (Timeline 4) would be seen talking to the other 3 versions of himself, revealing that (Timeline 4) Goku made mistakes, but he could’ve had worse fates, considering that Timeline 1 & 3’s Goku’s died of a heart virus & Timeline 2’s Goku died against Cell. Timeline 4’s Goku would then realize after various stories were shared that he was glad that he was alive longer to spend more time with his family & to play a bigger/better part in Gohan’s life.
48. Some other conversations (on & off screen) would persue before it was revealed that Gohan (Timeline 4) used the Namek Dragon Balls to contact the other 3 timelines to come here for the festivities & partake in this year’s martial arts tournament. Episode ends.
49. Some training scenes would take place w/Maron would train with Krillin & Roshi. Bulla & Pan would train with Tien & Yamcha, while Goten (Timeline 4) would train w/Uub (Timeline 4) & Majuub (Timeline 2). Trunks (Timeline 4) would train with the other Trunks’ & Vegetas’ from timelines 1-4. The Tapions (& their respective brothers) from the 4 timelines would arrive (w/new swords) & train w/the 4 Trunks. ADULT Gohan (Timeline 4) would be seen training w/Dabura & Pikkon. Gohan would then train w/Old Kai, Supreme Kai, & Kabito. North & South Kai would join in & spar w/Gohan. The Kais would eventually tire out & stop fighting. West Supreme Kai would make a dramatic entrance (wearing a blue sports bra, dark blue leather pants with boots, a blue vest & shades), take off her shades, conversate briefly, then proceeds to spar with Gohan.
50. Gohan’s sparing with West Supreme Kai would eventually cease. He would train with Piccolo, then Videl. Hercule’s voice would then be heard saying “Don’t you have anything better to do than to pick on little girls, let alone my own daughter?” & would make his dramatic entrance in a silver-hooded robed entrance attire. Gohan would train with Hercule before Eighter joins in. Afterwards 17’s voice would be heard saying “why waste time with these ancients when you can fight some real cyborgs?” & 17 & 18 would make their dramatic entrance & would fight Gohan.
51. Gohan would shoot an energy blast at 17 & 18 that would be deflected by another blast. 16 would make his entrance before saying “I couldn’t let you three have all the fun, now could I?”. The rest of the fighters would then join in and fight Gohan. Gohan would then turn Super Saiyan and tire them all out.
52. Gohan would win the sparring sessions. An energy blast would then shoot to an area nearest to Gohan which would create smoke that would fill that area. The creator of that blast would power up & transform into his final state before saying “it’s been a long time, Gohan”, before the scene would reveal this figure to be Nuova Shenron.
53. Gohan would turn SSJ2, then SSJ3, then proceeds to fight Nuova. Gohan then goes Kaioken & puts up a decent fight. Gohan would use a Solar Flare to blind Nuova then create an artificial blutz waves ball & use it to go Great Ape (while at Kaioken SSJ3).
54. The fight would be even neither Gohan or Nuova’s strength or speed gaining an advantage.
55. Gohan & Nuova would eventually clash in a Kamehamea/Nova Star beam/attack struggle with Nuova eventually gaining the advantage & victory after gathering energy from the sun to overpower Gohan. Nuova then destroys the blutz energy ball & restored Gohan’s energy back to full power via energy from the sun.
56. Some other dialogue & scenes would persue before the episode ends.
57. The 100 year tournament would take place in Timeline 4 w/timelines 1, 2, 3, & 4’s Z Warriors (and family & friends) looking on from various places in the stadium and conversating (w/open dialogue).

Tournament Summary/Results

Preliminary Battles
• SSJ Goku jr (Timeline 4) would beat SSJ Goku jr (Timeline 2).
• SSJ2 Vegeta jr (Timeline 4) would beat USSJ1 Vegeta jr (Timeline 2).
• SSJ Bulla (Timeline 4) defeats Marron (Timeline 4).
• SSJ Pan (Timeline 4) defeats Yamcha (Timeline 4).
• Piccolo (Timeline 4) beats Tien (Timeline 4).
• SSJ Trunks (Timeline 4) defeats SSJ2 Trunks (Timeline 2).
• SSJ2 Trunks (Timeline 3) defeats SSJ2 Trunks (Timeline 1).
• Kaioken SSJ3 Goten (Timeline 4) beats Uub (Timeline 4)
• Majuub (Timeline 2) defeats Kaioken Full Powered Form Roshi (Timeline 4)

Quarter-Final Battles
• SSJ2 Vegeta jr (Timeline 4) defeats SSJ2 Goku jr (Timeline 4)
• SSJ3 Pan (Timeline 4) defeats SSJ3 Bulla (Timeline 4)
• SSJ2 Trunks (Timeline 4) defeats Piccolo (Timeline 4)
• Kaioken SSJ3 Goten (Timeline 4) defeats SSJ3 Trunks (Timeline 3)
• Majuub (Timeline 2) automatically advances through the quarter & semi-final rounds, onto the finals.

Semi-Final Battles
• SSJ2 Vegeta jr (Timeline 4) beats Pan (Timeline 3), after Pan tired/powered down to SSJ2, then SSJ1, then to normal due to her fatigue.
• SSJ3 Trunks (Timeline) 4 defeats a fatigued Goten (Timeline 4) due to Goten inability to maintain his Kaioken SSJ3 form.
• Majuub advances.

Finals (Triple Threat Battle)
• Majuub (Timeline 2) wears down SSJ3 Trunks (Timeline 4) & SSJ3 Vegeta jr until the two team up & wears down Majuub, & eventually knocks him unconscious & out of bounds (into the water).
• SSJ3 Trunks (Timeline 4) & SSJ3 Vegeta jr (Timeline 4) have an epic battle, with SSJ3 Trunks eventually emerging as victor.
Main Event

• SSJ 4 Trunks (Timeline 4) beats SSJ4 PRE-TEEN Gohan (who used the Namek Dragon Balls to wish himself back to his 12 year body) (Timeline 4) after a very epic battle, and becomes the new martial arts champion thus ending Gohan’s 100+ year reign.

58. Trunks’ (Timeline 4) victory celebration would then be seen. Timeline’s 1-4 would then be connected by the Earth & Namekian Dragons from the four realities. They would wish for various races & planets to be wished back (that were brought back in timeline 4 especially) in the 4 realities. The dragons 4 sets of dragons would be finished, and the process would then be repeated in the 5th & every other timeline afterwards as a sense of conclusion.
59. This episode/saga/series would end with a toast from timelines 1, 2, 3, & 4 Z Crew and a Eulogy of the series, including showing timeline 1’s Trunks & Dende wishing everybody back in timeline 1 & (along w/the resurrected Z Warriors) fighting/defeating Dr. Myuu, Baby, & General Rilldo. After the eulogy, the cast looks into the camera one last time w/a smile, the show narrator gives a few more words, and the series ends after Goku Jr. & the other Z members from the 4 timelines (w/some getting on the flying Nimbus) take off and fly in the sky and towards the camera. This series would conclude with an English/extended version of the Blue Velvet song played w/the end credits w/some added shots of characters in the 4 timelines of this series. Fin.
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