Tales from the Crypt

The show that led me to being the horror movie junkie I am today
July 07, 2008
The year is 1993, I'm 5 years old. Saturday Night Live had just ended on NBC, and my parents are fast asleep. Little did I know what would come on next would shape my taste in movies and TV for years afterward. It was...

Ever since I was little I might as well have been adopted from The Addams Family, I always had a strong interest in the macabre, halloween, etc., but Tales, was significant because it was my first true taste of solid gore.

I mean this show had everything: chopped limbs, strangulation, people being burned to a crisp, pulling hearts out, zombies, vampires, voodoo, you name it. It also employed great amounts of cynicism and sarcasm, which my 5 year old mind took plenty of notes on, much to the disdain of my parents. Like all great anthology horror and/or sci-fi shows Tales always had a twist ending. Someone would always get their comeuppance. For example, take the episode Easel Kill Ya.

A struggling artist who can't hack it (heh, sounds like a bad Crypt Keeper pun, a subject which I'll get to later) begins to paint portraits of people he's murdered. When his girlfriend needs an important operation, he decides to kill when last person to bring in the cash. Unfortunately, he ends up killing the only doctor who could do the operation. Another favorite of mine is ...And All Through The House.

In this terror tale, A wife kills her husband on Christmas Eve so she can be with her lover. Unfortunately for her a psychopath has just escaped from a mental hospital and has decided to dress up as Santa and deliver some "holiday cheer." She can't call the cops, because they'll find the corpse of her husband, and in the end her own daughter ends up letting Santa inside the house.
To close this article off, I'd like to mention the Crypt Keeper, who provided the pre and post show entertainment, with his bad puns.

What can I say, the Crypt Keeper was hilarious, corny, yet hilarious, especially to a 5 year old who thought dead baby jokes were totally awesome. While I can't think of any specific bad puns at the moment, they usually centered around words like hack, cut, pieces, etc., you get the idea, and would have to do with a character's demise in that episode.

We'll, hope you enjoyed my article.
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