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October 08, 2010
Lets get ready, let the countdown begin bitches! All of these movies i watched around Halloween growing up and i'm willing to share with you grateful its a treat. Remember, Ernest Scared Stupid and Lost Boys got left off...someone beat me to it...haha.

The Gate: What a great, great movie. The kid sees an eye in his hand and stabs that shit! This movie should have had a metal soundtrack, its like the most metal movie ever. The main kids in the movie find a portal to hell...and Satan LOVES least thats what i learned from watching the Tenacious D movie. Anyway, the portal releases a horde of little demons who wreak havoc on the kids and their home and eventually all of Earth if they can't stop them.

Waxwork: Growing up my father made me watch this movie all the time. Its not for kids really haha, i mean the one scene with the vampires at the end they eating a dude's leg and serving it as steak to humans...nasty. But the scene with the wolfman in the cabin in the woods is so awesome as well as the scene with the mummy coming to life and just squeezing and crushing everyone to death. Basically a group of kids break into a waxwork museum and when they go past the do not cross ropes they get sucked into whatever scene it is. And all the scenes were horrible haha, like the marque de sade one, its disturbing s&m. Why did my dad make me watch this all the time as a kid?

Once Bitten: Jim Carrey pre-Ace Ventura. No one really knew Jim Carrey back then, but it was AWESOME. He is trying to lose his virginity because his prude girl won't give it up, so he decides to find a whore...prostitute maybe not sure. But anyway, this female vampire with a man-servant who i believe is gay, finds him and turns him. The next morning he's served orange juice...haha i guess it revitalizes your blood? Anyway, his girl and the female vampire fight over Jim Carrey and its hilarious. He plays his leg like a guitar in the big dance-off scene. He figures out he's a vampire and hilarity ensues.

My Pet Monster: While this has nothing to do with Halloween, the live-action flick's opening theme song was the "Monster Mash". So, i always remembered it as a Halloween favorite. This movie is great, it has everything i love in a movie. The kid goes on a class trip to a museum where this monster display is up and when you're hungry and the sun hits just right...and you're too close because, again, someone went past those do not cross ropes you get turned into a monster. Based on the popular toy-line, this movie did not disappoint, at least didn't disappoint me.

Monster Squad: I know this was mentioned in another Halloween article, but its only one i couldn't resist mentioning again. This is a GEM, most people don't even know it exists. It is better than the Goonies, but sort of similar. A group of kids have to save the world, instead of their parents house is the main difference between Goonies and Monster Squad but the "Squad" is a lot better.

Killer Klowns From OuterSpace: In space, noone can eat ice cream! Ok, horrible tagline but the movie was great for a movie based on clowns from outerspace that killed people. They used guns that shot popcorn, cotton candy cocoons and the dogs they made from balloons sniffed out people for them. Even the spaceship itself looked like a circus tent! Oh and they used big ass silly straws to suck the blood from you once in your cotton candy cocoon. Watch out for the peanuts too.

Hocus Pocus: I visited Salem, Mass once about 7 years ago with my father and sister and all i could think of was this flick. Salem, Mass by the way have witches on broomsticks on their police cruisers and city the Sandersons were everywhere! This is probably the one movie that symbolizes Halloween more than any other film. Some parts were really horrible but the cheese couldn't stop this gem from shining. Disney should have a part of their parks devoted to this great flick.

Idle Hands: What a great idea for a movie, kid's hand kills his parents, his best friends and then tries to kill his love and terrorizes him. His friends come back as zombies and try to help him kill his evil hand. Seth Green and Jessica Alba were both badass in this and the Halloween dance party scene towards the end is horribly hilarious, the zombie friends can be there and people think they're dressed up for the dance! Eh, regardless its a great flick and for a Halloween movie its priceless. Idle Hands is a must in the Halloween countdown.

Tales from the Crypt Demon Knight: So one of the hardest working stiffs in show biz, the Crypt Keeper, presents an awesome tale of horror! This movie and the soundtrack remind me of Halloween and everytime i see it, it brings me back to 7th grade trick or treating. The Sandman from Spiderman 3 is in it as well as the dick from Titanic and so is the FreshPrince's wife. Ok, so the Crypt Keeper had a rap song, anyone else remember that? Its horrible and has nothing to do with this movie but reminds me of Halloween too.
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