Top Favorite N64 Games Part 2

Part two for the n64
September 02, 2009
All right now fellow people of retrojunk now it's time for part 2 of my favorite games from the n64. This might be my last one for it as I would like to move on with other articles and perhaps to do a review on other video games. Befor we get started a lot of people was surprised I didn't say anything about Golden Eye. Well it's not that I don't like it but I just talk about games I've own{Thirteen in total} and just borrowed it like many others in my time. Anyways let's get started.

Geez I have so much nostalgia when I think of the water, the annocer{if I spelled it right}, and the music. I wasn't big on racing games but Wave Race 64 did change the way I felt about. Then again I was driving jet ski's on water instead of cars on the highway. Next game!

Yes yes I was a pokemon fan back in the day laugh. Heck everyone from late 90's to early 00's was into this anime when it came out. My friends and I being the fans we were had to get this game as it came out. Funny story real quick we actually put our money together to buy it and had played each other to see who would own it. I won on dumbluck {Onyx ftw!} but didn't cause an hurt between the four of us though.One of the cool things about the game was with the transfer pak that let the players play pokemon red and blue. It would been cooler if it let us play other gameboy games but it's nothing.

This in my opion is the best game from Rare. It was there own version of Mario 64 but bigger and { a little bit a little bit] better. Instead of finding stars you find puzzles and instead of battling a turtle slash dragon whatever you battle an UGLY witch who stole Banjo sister {if you played the game you wouldn't blame her} and it's up to you and your bird friend Kazoiee, I think my memory fails me if I forget his name, trying to save her. One the levels i remeber was the piriate island or such, yeah bad memory.

Remeber when I said I wasn't into racing games, well Mario Kart 64 wasn't just a racing game. It's go kart to the extreme. Banna peels, star power, and those turtle shells ohhh those were the days. One of my favorite games and favorite racing games. Another thing I loved about this was rainbow road and bowser castle. BTW who ever thought of yoshi canyon was a cruel person.

Before Call of Duty, Gears of War and Halo cameout this was the game my older brother and I play friday nights till 12{Fox kids so yea} Not much I can say cept it was a decent shooter and that I had a lot of nightmares when playing alone. In fact one time I had a serious nightmare I asked my friend to let me borrow yoshi story and kirby just to help me out.

You ever come across a game you see, get your attention, but don't rent and or buy it? Well I had that experince with Flying Dragon. I see and I rent Mickey Mouse Speedway, I see it the second time and I rent Super Smash Bros, I see it and I rent Anatasia{Nfl Blitz was out and my mom and sister wanted to see this film.It was a good movie btw} Anyway I decide to get it and it was gone! Yea I was tight till christmas where my sis gave it to me and just went into it. One of the cool things is that you can play in sd mode where the characters are like small like kid virtua fighter and switch from 3d to arcade style. It's a fun fighting game that I still play to this day.

Now the day I rent Anatasia I also bought NBA Hangtime. Seeing how my arcade got rid of it for dead or alive I thought hey why not. Talk about a fun bball game. The two on two play really works, the arcade style was sick and who don't love the anoccer when he says line's like "Double Dunk,Overtime, and NO!" Even though Michael Jordan and Shaq weren't in this game for movie reasons {Space Jam and Kazaam} it was a sick game.

This is one of those third party/fighting games that never got much exposer. This was more based on technician and combos then button smashing and hoping you do the haduken but get mad and lose to your boys and infront of your girl and she says it's allright but you... uhhh never mind what I said. It was very underrated even though it had one sequel I thought it couldve gone far.

Well that's about every videogame for the n64 I've own. There were some I played through the years that'll I'll probaly talk about some other time because next time I'm gonna discuss another famouse console. What is it you ask? Well I'll give you a hint....
It's Thinking.....
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