Top Favorite DC Games Part 1

Now we will enter the Sega Dreamcast
September 07, 2009
Wow I'm really writing a third article. I thought I just write one and get over it but it seems you guy like so get started. Now what was the console I was going to talk about again?

OH right the Sega Dreamcast. How can I forget. The Dreamcast came out on probally the most memorable date in videogame history.
9/9/99. On that day gamers experince a system like know other. 128 bits, a built in modem for online connection, and the launch titles where about over 15 I've belived came out. It was ahead of it's time and killed the comeption{Playstation and N64},but it wasn't alone that made it a instant hit. Nope it was it's libary of games avaible for the system that showed what it was capable of.
I had a lenghty collection of dc games {15 in total} but I won't talk about all of them till part 2.

I don't care what anybody says this is one the best wrestling games out there.The game takes the Royal Rumble feature very affected with the orginal, steel cage, and even on the street. This also use the early smackdown game engine with the the grapple. I was always a pro at this game when it came to beating my friends everyday afterschool. My brother... well I need some pratice.

The first cell shaded videogame and it actually work. The whole concept of this game is pretty much beating your rivals, runaway from the cops{who wouldn't}, and defacing property by spraying graffiti. This also feature one the best soundtracks I've ever heard, it a mix between hip hop and techno. The one feature that was pretty cool was using the analog stick to spray graffiti for a realistic feel. Speaking of reality I think the creators were going crazy with the battles we get in I mean come on the police I understand but HELICOPTERS?! Never mind next game.

Mind blowing, crazy, entertaing, fun, and Sonic in 3D? Just thinking about makes me wanna play it again. The controls worked very nicely so you can run really fast, the graphics still look good to this day, and the levels were very thought out. My favorite would be Emerald Coast because of the background, the music, a better playthrough, and that it's always fun outrunning the killer whale. If your planning on getting this get the DC version not, I repeat, NOT the Gamecube version. The camera angles are horrible and Sonic has a rubber mouth.

Like most gamers I wasn't that into sports games because well I rather play videogames the sports. Then came Sega with it's Nba 2k game and I just loved it. Most of my friends didn't because they had nba live at the time but I knew this was better. Why well let's see better ball control, you can pratice with certain players to get better, the best intro for a bbal game, and Allen Iverson on the cover what better. Not much more I can say but when it comes to Ea Nba Live and Nba 2k, the 2k series does better till this day.

Speaking of Ea here a game that rival Madden. Nfl2k was a hit it outsold Madden that year I mean that just blew our mind that a game did better then a franchise. This game helped pioneer online gaming with gamers battling each other in matches.{Like yours truly} Another cool feature was that with the VMU{Visual Memory Unit} you can choose your plays without your friends seeing them. Unfortanly we never saw more of the nfl2k series after Sega cameout of the hardware biz because Ea got rights foe them only to make Nfl game.

It's CRAZZZZY TAXI! Man I love my arcade days. I also loved this game because well its crazy. You can drive around anywhere from sidewalks, parks, subways even run over people without getting in trouble with the police.As long as you get people to there location it's still a taxi game though.

Anyone remeber this game? Anyone? Nope. Well I can't honestly. I all remeber is that you choose from two agents trying to stop a madman from taking over the world. James Bond anyone? Just kidding it's a decent sidescrolling shooter by memory.

The story is so huge I really can't explain, the different lands you travel are very different from each other the soundtrack in my opion beats FF7, and the charactes are so great you really care for them. The graphics were decent for Dreamcast standards but those who played it didn't care. My only complaint would be those annoying random battles. Its a regular thing in rpg's but Skies just really make it annoying especially when your in the cave looking for the Yellow Gigas and those random battle are annoying as a mother, you would know if you played it.

Wow that was pretty long. Well see ya at part 2
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