VG Review-Super Mario 64

A story about a plumber saving a princess from a turtle like dragon.AGAIN!
November 16, 2009
Wow it's been a while huh, well that's what happens when you work overtime at your job. Anyways I decide to do something different. Instead I'll be doing more of a review then my collection.I want to really dig into this but I really don't have the time to in my schedule. Anyway lets get started.

Super Mario 64
Release date-09/26/96
STORY-Well it's like any other mario game.Collect stars, beat the living snot out of Bowser, and save the princess. This time however it starts more different then others.

Everyone favorite damsel in distress Peach invites Mario over for some cake and conversation. Mabye come up with a escape plan incase you know who shows up again. Anyways Mario arrives via pipe and walks straight up to the castle door thinking this is gonna be a good day.

But a familar laugh echoes through the castle. We walk up to Toad and find out that Bowser taken the castle stars and trap Peach and everyone inside the castle walls. So Mario must save the day once again, and mabye get his cake Peach offered
CONCEPT- The main concept in this game revolves around the stars. There located in the worlds which is pretty much the paintings. You enter through the paintings and must complete the task given at the beginning of the level's title screen{they can be replay once completed.} The task given are mainly seen in the rest of the game like boss fights, collecting red coins, racing turtle or a penguin, and solving puzzles.In some levels their consist of three power up caps wheter being invisible, metal ,and my personal fav the fly cap.

{I believe I can fly}

Design- What can i say about the design. Each level had their own style to it. Take for example Bowsers maze, the underwater city, the volcano level, the clock level , and even the aqua sercet star level. All of those were so detail their for every aspect. From the water ripples , to the cloud details, and the snow on the ground. It showed how the development team really wanted to make this game THE GAME for the N64. So good that a lot of people don't really notice it till they get older and miss their childhood like yours truly.

{So amazing.}

Anything bad?- Well what's to hate about this game, what can you find bad. You had to be a sony fanboy to hate this game...wait a minute.

Where the heck is Lugi. You know Mario's brother who was in every game since day one. What happend they just forgot about him or what? Well actually he was planned to be in this game but for some reason they him left out.Luckily they brought him back along with Yoshi and Wario for the DS.

Final Thoughts- What more can I say about this. Well SM64 was the stepping stone for 3d platformers itself. Without its camera controls or details great hits we grew up with would probally suck. Along with the N64 it lead the gaming industy to the 3d age. Great game, fun to play, a whole lot of memories.

{Yeah we finally got it}
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