Top Favorite DC Games Part 2

Wraping up my favs for the Dreamcast.
September 25, 2009
All right time to wrap this top favs unfortunetly. I was planning on writing sooner but I was playing Dreamcast with my buds over the weekend for reliving memories of our . It felt right since it was the 10 year anniversary of its release last Wensday. Ahhh good times I always enjoy beating them since we were kids. I know I'm mean but forget it lets start.

My second arcade shooter. It's very fast pace like any other sidescrolling shooter and very challenging. The dreamcast version was able to bring that arcade feel back home. The major complaint for this game would be the voice acting. I don't blame them because it's really horrible.

"NBA ON NBC" Man I remeber those days on the weekend watching it with the family and friends listening to the theme song and watching the game. As for the game well it's pretty much NBA Hangtime in 3d. The same two on two co-op and goofy dunks and character mods, but it doesn't mean it's a bad game. The controls were much better and one of midways best arcade sports game. Which I wonder why don't they make games like these anymore?

One word. ONLINE FOOLS. Okay that was two but you catch my drift. This game pioneer online multiplayer and paved way of online gameing.{In your face Sony!} I really can't remeber the story well because I spent every mintute online playing with my friends till 12 in the morining. The only downfall would be the annoying people talking jack s*** while completing sidequest, infact it still happens till this day like on Halo. At least you get to shoot them.

Man I love this game. This was the number one game I always had to play at my local arcade like I couldn't leave till I played this. It sucked when they had to get rid of it for a while for repairs and boy I kinda gotten crazy knowing my favorite game was gone for a few months. I knew it was on the dreamcast but didn't bother buying it. Luckily my friend had it and offer it to me in a trade. What did I trade him for? ....well...uhh....don't hate me but....I trade Marvel vs Capcom 2. YES I know I'm a bad person but I really love the Virtua Fighter series. I don't regret it at all no matter what people say. Now these last three games I will never trade in my life.

Remeber when I said Sonic Adventure was the best Sonic game ever? Well this is as equally good as the first one. What make this game so great then and now?Well you get to play as a bad guy if you wanted, the speed and controls were improved, Knuckles side story was sweet, and we were introuduce to a new and cool character..Shadow the Hedgehog. I hate him at first but he grown on me by time the game ended. Infact I like him so much I even got his own game...and return it the next day. I'll stick with Sonic Adventure.

Not much I can say but the most craziest fighting game I've ever played. Up to four player action means total chaos and different people to beat on. The Powerstone series is what I consider another great fighting game from capcom. Which makes me less guilty trade Marvel vs Capcom 2

There is so much I can say about this game that I'll talk about when I review it in the future. All I can say is that Shenmue was ahead of it's time. The unlockable cutscenes, the free battle, the qte, the characters, and lets not forget playing old master system games in the arcade,collecting caspule toys and,feeding the kitten.{Okay the last part was as epic as the previous one's but was iconic.} The story was so amazing you had to know what happend. Sadly we never know but that's for another.

Okay that's about every Dreamcast game I owned through the years. Next time and probally as long I'm on Retrojunk I'm sticking with videogame reviews and mabye talk about my playstation games, if I can find them.
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