Debut: September 09, 1995
Ended: June 01, 1997

Dexter Douglas recives the Pinnacle chip as a gift. While away from his computer after installing the chip, his cat walks across his keyboard, entering in a code that if followed by hitting the delete key will suck in and transform the user, creating Freakazoid, a bumbling blue-skinned super hero wearing red tights and crazy hair.

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Roddy MacStew: "You'll never get away with it, Gutierrez!"
Gutierrez: "Get away with what? I haven't said anything."
Roddy MacStew: "You're right, sorry. I jumped the gun, my fault."
Gutierrez: "I plan on eliminating both of you."
Roddy MacStew: "You'll never get away with it Gutierrez!"
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Freakazoid: "(Taking like Jerry Lewis) Oh, listen to the big-head man say angry things!"
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Freakazoid: "Boy, you got a lot of lines in this show."
Roddy: "AYE! That's what I told 'em but NO! All the cruddy exposition goes to me! I've got to talk and talk and fiddle with the computer and talk some more and fiddle and talk! I FEEL LIKE OBI WAN CRUDDY KENOBI!"
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Guitierrez: "You have to excuse Jocko, he used to work for Bobby Knight."
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Henchmen #1: "*while watching the Lobe's musical number* That is one happy man."
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Guitierrez: "*still trying to find Freakazoid's weakness* aha! how about this yellow paper, you feel weak now?"
Freakazoid: "That's the Green Lantern!"
Guitierrez: "Oh, shoot."
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Freakazoid: "Hey! Who wants some pot roast and cola?"
Freakazoid: "If I'm not back in five minutes.... keep waiting."
Cosgrove: "By the way theres a spooky cloud thing out here turning people into clown zombies. I'd take care of that if i were you."
Guiterrez falling: "Ahhhhhhh scream with meeeee!"
Guitierrez: "I am NOT a weenie, YOU are the weeny!!"
Cosgrove: "In that movie Congo.. how do you tell the difference between a real monkey and a guy in a suit?"
Freakazoid: "Hey you guys in there! You wanna watch my show??"
Sub Captain: "Do we.. have a choice?"
Freakazoid: "If I want to blintz myself into some Papaya induced hallucination that's my business."
Freakazoid: "Kids if we've learned anything today its that your parents were right, comic books WILL rot your mind! WHOWHOWHOWHOWHOWOWOO!"
Head Gnome: "Prepare to GROVEL FOR MERCY!!!"
Guitierrez: "Revenge is a dish best served with pinto beans and muffins. Kirk old friend I...oh sorry.."
Barbra Strisand: "People~ People who fly airplanes~ are the happiest people~"
Freakazoid: "Believe me Mr. President you do not want to go out there, WOO!"
Freakazoid: "There's something kinda new, a vortex that likes honey roasted nuts!"
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