My Top Twelve cartoon shows

I establish myself here with my top twleve cartoons.
February 27, 2009
Hello I'm The Rambling Nerd. I talk about so you don't have to. Our childhoods kicked ass. Do you know why? Because we had great Cartoons to entertain us while the rest of the world was moving along. The 80s and 90s were two shining examples of how to make cartoons. Most were smart, funny and are still just as kick ass as they were all those years ago. I'm here today to countdown my top twelve cartoons that saved me everyday from my mundane life.Why top twelve? Because I like to go two steps beyond. So sit back in you're chair, grab a case of mountain dew and reminisce about the good old days as I Count down my top twelve cartoons of all time.

Number 12:Garfield and Friends

This was one of my favorite shows as a kid, and it has always had a special place in place. It was mostly about Garfield and his pals but it also had a cartoon in the middle of the show called Orson's farm that was just as fun to watch as Garfield.This show was fun. Nothing more, nothing less. It was also kinda funny, especially when Garfield would pick on Odie. It also had a bunch of straight to video movies that were just as fun to watch( big up's to the one were he goes on vacation.) This is a perfect jumping off point for our list.

Number 11:Courage the Cowardly Dog

This show was awesome. It was one of those shows that was funny and just cool to watch. It's about a dog who has to protect his family from all sorts of creepy monsters and villains. That may sound simple, and it is. But I always loved watching the episodes stories because they were so inventive and cool to watch. Like the episode where the evil lequack invades the TV and hypnotizes Courages owners into robbing a bank.

It came out in November 1999 but I didn't care. I loved this show and it deserves to be on this.

Number 10: Ed, Edd and Eddy

This is another show that I felt was part of what I like to call Cartoon Networks Golden age. This show was hilarious and (even though it didn't seem like it) was pretty smart. It was about 3 teens who try to swindle other teens out of money so they can buy jawbreakers. That may sound mean but all of the guys are really likable. I especially like Edd( A.K.A Double Dee). He's the guy who is along for the ride but he doesn't really like what they do. His wit and sarcasm is what inspired alot of my own humor. It also implies alot of the stereotypes you see in a neighborhood into the show, like the jock, the girl next door, the foreigner, the wimp, the little sister and the weird kid. All this makes it a great number 10 on my list.

Number 9: Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles

I know what you're saying. This guy is nuts, Ninja Turtles should be waaaaay higher on the list. Well to you all I have only one thing to say. It's my list. Ninja Turtles just wasn't that big a thing in my life. Everybody else was so in to it. and I just wasn't that big a fan. But that doesn't mean i didn't watch it every time it was on. Ninja Turtles was packed full of cool stuff. It had bad ass weapons, Turtles that ate pizza, and Krang(you creepy little bastard). All this made for an awesome TV show that was simply "Righteous".

Number 8: Darkwing Duck

Now here is the type of superhero I was really into. I was into the type of hero who really shouldn't be a hero but is. Darkwing duck was about a guy who is a "superhero" who adopts a small orphaned girl and teams up with his sidekick Launchpad(you may that name from some where)
to battle all sorts of evil doers. The reason I love this show is because it had a lot of heart. At first Darkwing is the guy who wants to be the lone wolf. But over time he grows to accept that he is taking care of a young girl and may need some help protecting his life. It also has one of the coolest theme songs i heard as a kid.This Show was mostly overlooked because of the source material it came out of. But When I am in danger I'll "call DW.

Number 7: Ducktales

Yes I watched alot of duck shows. But nothing will beat the original. If you didn't know, this is the source material for Darkwing Duck. It features Scrooge Mcduck and his three nephews Huey,Dewey, Louie traveling the world searching for adventure and treasure. The best part of this show was the adventures and they never seemed to disappoint me ounce. They were all very fun to watch. Oh and don't forget the Nostalgia critics catchiest theme song. IT WILL NEVER LEAVE.
Number 6: Earthworm Jim

This is one of those shows that I feel got a really lame deal. It was only on for two seasons. The reason I understand was it was because the WB was already taking a big chance in putting it on for some reason. and when the ratings started to dip they pulled the plug. But even though it was only on for two seasons. I savored every moment. This show was zany and crazy put in a blender. It was about a worm who obtains the Ultra high tech indestructible super space cyber suit and becomes a new force for good. I really loved this show for the characters. They all had their own personality. Jim(any fans of Homer Simpson should know who he's voiced by) is really hyper and enthusiastic all while being really cool to. Hopefully Jim will make a triumphant comeback with the new movie and TV series planned.

Number 5: The Tick

OH how I love this show. I would always go to school and talk non stop about The Tick and his weird adventures. Sure this show was a parody of other superhero cartoons, but that doesn't mean that I didn't take it seriously as a fan boy. It was about a guy who comes out of no where , is almost invincible, super strong and wants nothing more then to battle injustice. The reason I will always this show is because of how well of a job they did parodying everything i was watching and didn't make it stupid or relied on easy jokes(OK maybe a few were easy). Like how The Tick and Arthur have an apartment instead of a secret lair. Or how The Tick won't stop monologuing to him self. I love this show so much that I was incredibly excited when the live series was announced. And even that didn't disappoint me in its short run.
But unfortunately I have others that I loved more then this show. But I was still proud to put at number five.

Number 4: Dexter's Laboratory

Yet another from Cartoon Networks golden age. This show was very cool because it's just one of those shows that is smart, funny, stupid and it had a unique look that all made this show awesome. It was about this boy who is a genius who has a secret lab in his parents house, and his sister Dee Dee who always comes in and breaks nearly everything( or everything). He also has an arch rival named Mandark who wants nothing more then to destroy Dexter and be together with Dee Dee. This show was never a disappointment. Everyday I would come home turn on Cartoon Network and just sit there not moving for at least and hour, smiling the entire time. It also had some different cartoons in the middle of the episodes like Garfield. These were usually about a team of heroes living in an apartment, Dexter's super powered pet monkey or an incredibly smart weasel and his idiot friend Baboon. This show was so awesome that it even spawned a made for TV movie about Dexter Traveling through time to stop Mandark from taking over the world.

The shows creator Genndy Tartakovsky is one of my favorite animators. I rank Dexter's lab second in my personal line of my favorite things he's done. I rank it higher then star wars the clone wars yet lower then Samauri Jack. All I have left to say is " GET OUT OF MY LABORATORY"

Number 3: Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers

Never mind the fact that this show was based off two of my favorite Disney Characters. Never mind the fact that this is one of my most fond memories of watching TV ever. And never mind the fact that I still am trying to find episodes of this show to watch. This show was awesome. It was fast paced, entertaining, interesting and just a good old time to watch. It was about Chip and Dale and their team comprised of Monterey Jack a mouse with a lust for cheese, Gadget a mouse who loves to invent things and Zipper the Fly, opening a rescue agency that helps out people. Think The Rescuers only cooler. This show had alot. It had heart, it had good characters, it had fun adventures and it also had Chip wearing a Fedora hat. It also had one of the catchiest theme songs I've ever heard. So when you need help just call ch ch ch chip and Dale.

Number 2: Batman The animated series

This Show can be summed up in one word. Amazing. This show was ingenious. It was original, it was dark, it wasn't always happy and most importantly and the reason I put it here was because this show took itself and myself seriously. Many shows at the time took a brighter happier tone like the look of GI Joe and Ninja Turtles. But Batman took a much darker look and really took chances with what you could show in a kids cartoon show. The Good guys didn't always win, Batman was as brooding and as dark as he was in the comic book's at the time, and the as I keep saying this was a dark show for kids. And that is why I loved it and continue to love it, because it never sugercoated anything. But other then that it was great at everything. Villians:Great, Stories:Great and Batman: Amazing.I remember the first time I ever turned on this show, It was 1998, I was ten and I was sitting in my living room watching TV and I was flipping channels when I saw the Joker and he was laughing and I just put down the remote and watched in aw.

And my Number 1 Cartoon of all time is....

The Spielberg Four

Tiny Toons


and Pinky and the Brain

These shows literally made me into who I am today. Thier wit, satire, humor, short stories, characters, music and everything else in between made these series great. Animaniacs in my opinion was the best. It was the closest any cartoon came to capturing the spirit of the original Looney Toons cartoons. It was smart, it was had great comedic timing and of course it was funny as hell. All the characters had their own personality that really helped in the comedy of the show. The best part of this show was that the jokes were just as much written for adults as they were for kids. Tiny Toons was always second in my book in these four cartoons. This show had great wacky characters that were amazing at comedy and as they were at telling a story. They were always doing what something interesting no matter what. Whether it be investigating a creepy old house or Driving to Happy World Land with their best friends family. Pinky and the Brain in my mind is the smartest of the four. It combined the zaniness of Tiny Toons and the comedy and smarts of Animaniacs in to one and created one amazing show. It also added some of its own elements like being the most adult. Like when Brain dresses up as a cowboy and meets Dolly Parton and makes a comment on how unusually kind puberty was to her. and then there was Freakazoid. I will say it again: I am a sucker for superheroes who shouldn't be superheroes. This was probably the most overlooked of the four because of all the other shows that were on at the time. But that didn't stop me from loving it. It was smart, funny, had a great main character and it came at a great time for me. When I was just realizing I was a nerd. But the biggest thing that I will remember from these shows is the music. Richard Stone made maybe the Catchiest songs ever in my opinion.These are songs that I still sing today and forever will. Richard Stone was Truly a genius in his work and will forever be remembered in his songs.

November 27 1953 - March 9 2001
So that does it for my first top ten on Retro Junk and I hope you enjoyed yourself and I know what youre going to say "He put Four in the number one spot he cant do that". Yes I can because it's my list. Please leave you're comments on the bottom or on my profile.
I'm the rambling nerd I talk about it so you don't have to.
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