Top Favorite N64 Games

A flashback on the n64 games I own.
August 18, 2009
The N64 was the first system I own from back in the day.
I was turning thirteen at the time when I got on my birthday.
{I didn't crazy like those N64 kids on Christmas but was happy} I remember countless times walking over to the local blockbuster and renting games. Some say it be a waste of time having one because most of my friends has Playstation but I didn't care. They thought that the Psx was for an older crowd but they didn't say that when they played one day over the weekend. I what really made so popular would be the games feature on the system and here are the few of my favorites.

I played the original over at my cousin house many times, who by the way was pissed the sequel didn't come out, but when I heard that a new one was coming for the n64 I had go get that. The graphics were sweet, voice acting was top notch and better then today's, and the levels were very well made with the music to match. The one thing that made it awesome was the rumble pack were you can feel the hits on your controller especially when you die it goes ape [email protected]#$ crazy on you.

I was huge WWF{E} fan back in the 90s. I watch Raw with my dad every Monday night and fight over who was better Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock{I was a Austin fan}. So it was no problem for convincing him on buying No Mercy since we saw it on pay per view. The graphics were good for it's time but the controls were almost perfect especially for grappling your opponents. The multiplayer is sick even if your friends get mad you beat em on a daily basis.

You can't be a Nintendo owner without a Mario game in your collection. I was pretty skeptic buying this game. I had enough to buy this or Superman 64{ I'm big on superman and comics to this day} lucky I got this game and I don't regret it. The storyline was the same save the princess peach from Bowser but with some more added content. It was first RPG game I played and played endless to the point where I actually beat it by the end of the week.{I wasn't that much of a nerd btw it was that good}

BEST ZELDA GAME PERIOD!!! Sweet,amazing, a great storyline, and the most challenging game I've played especially that water temple was difficult. I also like go from past to future and the different clothes and songs you learn. I was planning on getting Majora's Mask but it wasn't as good in my point of view.

What kind of n64 owner would I be without this masterpiece! The first game I've own since it was the only one{and PilotWings 64} at the times. It was first 3d platformer and it broke boundaries. The creativity levels, the music, and did I mention the graphics. It's only downers would be no Lugi and how Peach rewards you with a cake. A CAKE!? Well he does save her now and then so whatever. It was the many reason why I wanted a n64 and still play every often along with my other games.
I got more games to talk about but I'll save it for part 2. Peace

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