The top 25 games of all time.

Part one of the top 25 games since the existence of video games.
June 20, 2006
25. Mortal Kombat II

Now who didn't like Mortal Kombat beside whiny parents and senators? Sure it may have been bloody, but it was fun, cool characters, a somewhat good storyline, and yes, Blood! Blood is probably what made this series so popular, but it's still good nontheless. In this sequel to the first Mortal Kombat game, things have improved, such as graphics, gameplay, difficulty, and characters. There were also hidden characters, but they were pretty useless because you couldn't play as that hidden character. There are also bloodier fatalities, and a new friendship ending, which would crack me up.(Liu Kang's disco dancing one would have to be the best!)

24. Super mario Bros. 2

A downside to the mario series, making Nintendo seem like a rip-off company after taking the Japanese game Doki-Doki Panic and putting in Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Peach. It deserves a place on this list though even if it wasn't really a Mario Game, but very unique for a Mario game. I wonder what happened to Wart? He chokes on a vegetable and died I guess. But then how come lava dosn't stop King Koopa? Meh, only time will tell.

23. Quackshot

What's this? You say you've never played Quackshot? Well then go play it now! This qould have to be the best disney game to date. In this game we have Donald Duck finding a treasure map at his Uncle Scrooge's house and goes on an Indiana Jones like journey to get this unknown treasure. You go to real places in the world, such as Maharajah, Mexico, and Transylvania. DOnald Gets different weapons such as a plunger shooter, a popcord gun, and a bubblegum gun. It's a very deep adventure with a good storyline and crazy bosses. It's basically Donald Duck taking Indiana Jones place in "Indiana Jones & The Holy Grail" and turning it into a video game.

22. Dance dance revolution: Mario Mix

Now I'm Not saying that the other DDR games shouldn't have a place on this list, but who can resist dancing to your favorite Mario tunes?! It was a no-brainer for Nintendo, yet they took it off the shelves for about 12 months for unknown reasons, but you can buy it again now. This would probably have to be my favorite way to exercise if I had to. Hopefully, this game will work on the Nintendo wii!

21. Eternal Champions

This was a fighting game Dream come true. Eternal Champions, made by a SEGA affiliated company called Deep water, Eternal Champions was a really good 2D fighter for it's time. The storyline was awesome, the characters were very diverse, an awesome boss with cool powers to raise the dead, and there were cool special attacks! The only problem was that the game would get laggy sometimes and slow down gameplay. There was also 2 sequels, one on Sega CD called "Eternal Champions: The Dark Champion", and another on Sega Saturn called "Eternal Champions: The Final Chapter", but I never got to play them. Sadly, after the days of the saturn, this game drifted away. I would really like to see another sequel.

20. Mario Kart 64

A sequel to the popular SNES game, but this game is what really game Mario kart it's popularity. It had cool levels, more characters, and other additions. Everyone had Mario Kart 64 and a N64, unless they were living in a cave. This is one of the trump games for the N64.

19. Pac Man

One of the forefathers of video games, Pac Man was a very addicting puzzler and is still around today. Pac Man had a lot of firsts in video game history, such as the first video game to have a TV show based on it. Although I have lttle patience playing Pac Man, it still deserves a place on this list.

18. Sonic adventure

Another installment in the Sonic series, this one introduced 3D to the series. Very challenging and you could still play it by playing with your Chao and making them grow, but, playability dosn't last forever.

17. Super Smash Bros

Another Trump game for the N64, this just blew fighting games away with it's hectic 4-player action unheard of in fighting games. A real inspiration to fighting games today, Super Smash Bros. is now going to it's 3rd sequel.(Super Smash Brawl)

Keep on the lookout for the next part of the Top 25 games of all time!!
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