The best of floyd.

A brief count down of my 5 favorite pink floyd albums.
September 16, 2009
Ever since i was 16 i've always been a huge fan of the amazing band Pink Floyd.Its hard to find people that truly appreciate the band.Some people would say that pink floyd is overrated and pretentious,But i find them simply amazing.

The band has numerous amazing albums all of which have a running theme through them.Ive decided to rank my five favorite albums by them.

And number 5 is....


This is one of their albums from before they hit it big with Dark side of the moon.You can tell that their style on this album differs greatly from their later work,but it isint any less great.
This is from before Roger Waters was the lead vocalist,so its mostly Gilmour singing.The real masterpiece of the album is the extremely epic and heavily instrumental "echoes" which runs for over 23 minutes long,taking up the whole b side of the album.

4.The Wall

Heres the bands most famous album,and aside from the final cut,its the last one featuring Roger Waters.Water's controlled basically every aspect,from writing all the songs,to singing nearly all of them.This is the point in the bands history where Roger's ego got every other band member fed up with him.But it is an amazing and epic album,telling a really amazing and depressing tale.The song another brick in the wall part 2 is probably what the band is best known for in america.But the album isint short of other amazing songs such as mother,young lust,hey you,nobody home,and of course comfortably numb.
The album was adapted into a film in the mid eighties,which I think was great and just as depressing as the album.

3.The Dark Side of the Moon.

This was the album that really put the band on the was their first album that was extremely successful in America.Its an amazing concept album,thats all about different aspects of life.The song 'breathe' which starts out the album was always a personal favorite of mine.But "Time" is the most impressive song on the album.The most radio popular song of the album was "Money" which is about greed and consumerism,which im sure most people missed the point of it.It ends nicely with brain damage and eclipse.This is the album where Roger Waters really started to find his own voice,instead of just being the bass player.


Ha,this album pretty much won me at its cover art.This album is very underrated and most of you are probably shocked that i chose this over Dark side of the moon,or The Wall,but I just love it so much,its just so unique in its own way.The album pays alot of tribute to the classic book "Animal Farm" as it portrays pigs as greedy manipulators and sheep as helpless followers,and dogs as business men.Aside from the two "pigs on the wing" songs,every song on the album is extremely epic and long,mostly dogs,which is almost 20 minutes long,while pigs three different ones,and sheep,are over 10 minutes long and are both great and stylistic.

This is another album where Water's does most of the vocals,as Gilmour's vocals are only featured on "dogs".

And my favorite pink floyd album is.................................................


A simply amazing album which has 2 different themes
1.Its a tribute to the once great Syd Barret.and a statement that the music industry is two faced and evil.
The album starts out with my favorite song by them,shine on you crazy diamond.It starts off as an amazing instrumental piece,but when Water's lyrics come in,it gets even more amazing.Its all about Syd Barret ,pink floyd's first lead singer and guitar player.

Eventually Barret's mental began to deteriorate after much Lsd usage,and the studio always pressuring him.He lost his mind,and left the band,extremely depressing Roger Waters,who was his best friend.Back to the album,after the first half of shine on you,it goes to the electronic sounding song,"Welcome to the machine" which is all about the music industry,as is "Have a Cigar."Then comes Wish you were here,a great acoustic sounding song,thats very poetic.I believe that its also a tribute to Syd Barret,but its also mistaken as a love song at times.Then comes the second half of Shine on you crazy diamond,which ends a perfect album perfectly.

Thats it folks.I suggest that all of you check out these albums if you Haven't already.See you next time.
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