Crazy Childhood: A Goofy Movie

A Goofy Movie review
June 03, 2009
Well, let's face it. Crap nowadays isn't getting any better, and we wacks from the past can only turn back to the past to entertain us. But, when we look back at our childhood, we think to ourselves....was it worth it? Well, that's what were gonna find out with the article I like to call....well, you know.

A Goofy Movie (1995)

Directed by : Kevin Lima

Starring: Bill Farmer, Jason Marsden, Jim Cummings,
Rob Paulsen, Kellie Martin, Pauly Shore (shudder)

Out of all the Disney characters of the golden days of yore, my favoriie is Goofy. His cartoons always seem to have the best animation, the best gags, the way he screams (I think we all know how he screams by now), it's pure gold. Any cartoon with Goofy in it, I enjoy.

One thing that seems a bit frightening is how cartoon characters get their motion picture debuts, like Tom and Jerry. Characters who usually star in 7 minute cartoons never seem to keep us entertained throughout an hour and a half.

Not to mention some new additions some of the writers paste on there. I mean, c'mon. Giving Goofy a TEENAGE son? No. I don't think so. Although Goofy did have a son in some of his earlier cartoons, that kid was a 5-6 year old. That's funnier. But dealing with a teenage son sounds too much. We'll probably concentrate more on the son than good ol' Goofy. Yikes.

But you know what? This movie works. 100%

When you're not watching "A Goofy Movie", you'll think about the movie formula and how it sounds like a bad reality show. When you do watch it, you'll forget all about logic and are sucked into the wonders of possibly one of Disney's finest movies and the only greatest father-son film of all time.

I grew up with this movie all my life. I love it, my dad loves it, my mom loves it, my sister....well, I dunno. In fact, when this movie came out on video, Mom and I bought for my dad for father's day. And Dad and I never get tired of watching it every time we stick in our VCR. This isn't a movie. This is an icon of father-and-son relationships everywhere.

The story is about Goofy's son (Marsden), who gets into trouble by imitating a famous rock star named Powerline, in order to impress a girl he likes.

Goofy (Farmer) hears about the incident, and believes that he's losing his son to deliquency (is that even a word? I dunno, it sounds cool). In order to prevent this, Goofy takes Max on a fishing trip in the great outdoors. The only problem is that Max promised to Roxanne, the girl he has a crush on, that he'll be at the Powerline concert. This gives Max the problem of whether to tell the truth to Roxanne or screw up Goofy's fishing trip just to be at the concert.

Pretty deep, eh?


Excuse me? What's BAD about this movie? I don't think so!


Ummmmm.......everything. Like I said, I love the movie. The look is great (sort of reminds me of Rocko's Modern Life), the gags are great, and the characters are likable (yes, even the Pauly Shore character). Even Max, the teenage son, is likable, too. The best part of the whole movie is when Goofy and Max encounter Bigfoot, voiced by one of my favorite voice actors Frank Welker.


I hear that "A Goofy Movie" was underrated and was a flop in it's day. Not true. It had favorable reviews and was a box office success (it grossed $35,348,597 in the U.S.) and was even nominated for "Best Animated Feature" at the 23rd Annie Awards (an awards cermony for animated films). While it may be underrated to some people, it's not entirely overlooked.


This movie rocks. Everything in the movie works, from the animation to the humor. It evens works as a father and son movie, and the message isn't stuffed in your face. This film earns my highest recommendation.


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See ya!
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